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image I've never seen anyone break a bone in real life. I've never even broken one of my own bones. So I don't have much to go on to decide if this clip of a kickboxer breaking his leg is real or fake. But it sure looks fake, especially the way his foot immediately resembles a limp sock once his shin breaks. But perhaps that's what a broken shin looks like.

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Posted on Wed Jun 21, 2006


Seems real. There is another video of a guy's shin which broke during a K1 fight.
Posted by nick  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  02:40 PM
sorry for double post. here's the link to the video:
Posted by nick  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  02:41 PM
🐛 yikes... :sick:
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  02:48 PM
Yep....I seen that K1 fight....pretty gross....!!!
Posted by X  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  04:07 PM
That's disgusting. I am so freaked out.
Posted by Maegan  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  04:39 PM
That is definitly real. I have seen alot of shin's break in fighting matches and thats how they turn out.
Posted by asdfgh  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  04:50 PM
that is nauseating.
Posted by thephrog  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  05:55 PM
I remember seeing video of a guy's arm breaking during an arm wrestling tournament. <shudder>

What's odd about the kickboxing vidoe is that it's the kicker not the kickee whose leg breaks. Also the page title on the google video says "Maybe it's fake".
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  on  Thu Jun 22, 2006  at  01:19 AM


*More shudder*
Posted by Mewtaila  on  Thu Jun 22, 2006  at  05:44 AM
I practice Muay Thai (basically kickboxing w/ elbows and knees) and I will tell you that if blocked correctly, a kicker gets far more injured than the kickee. If the defender brinks up his leg so that the thigh is parallel to the ground and the knee is bent at a right angle, the kicker has little to know chance of hurting the defender (if he kicks the leg). I've been hurt before by a sparring partner blocking even light kicks.
Posted by brian  on  Thu Jun 22, 2006  at  09:56 AM
From a medical standpoint I don't see how that break would be real. While i don't doubt that it is possible for a shin to break while engaged in this type of competition the video in question has to be fake.

1. The "leg" after it was broken, twirled rapidly, with only a sock holding it in place. This type of movement would be typical with a sever compund fracture and would have involved gross amounts of bleeding.

2. The video, in it's epic 7 second length, doesn't really show the kickboxer using the leg very much before the kick. One of two things could explain this: a) he is a below the knee amputee, b) his leg is bent behind him. In either case the tube sock would adequately cover an inappropriately applied prosthetic leg or other object that would simulate a break.

If you've ever seen a compund fracture you know there is a lot of blood, instantly. With a simple fracture the bone retains some of it's supportive strength, what's more is that for the movement of the "leg" in this video both bones of the lower leg would have suffered compound fractures. From the force of the kick and counter-force of the block this seems very unlikely.
Posted by Travis  on  Thu Jun 22, 2006  at  12:42 PM
If you want to see what breaking a leg really looks like, Google "Joe Theismann".
Posted by Cactus Wren  on  Thu Jun 22, 2006  at  05:03 PM
As an x-ray tech that works in a hospital, I have seen all kinds of different injuries and can tell you this can totally be real. Often, compound fractures will break through the skin, but it doesn't always happen (for another example of this type of break, do a search of when WWF wrestler Sid Vicious broke his leg in the same place in the same way a few years ago, after jumping off a turnbuckle to kick someone).

And in this case, if you'll look closely and pay close attention, your "sock" theory is flawed by the fact that he isn't wearing any socks; both fighters are barefoot, as is common in this type of fighting.

So all in all, this can be real. You don't have to be spurting gallons of blood to have a serious bone fracture. Trust me, I've seen it and I deal with this type of stuff on a daily basis.
Posted by Josh  on  Thu Jun 22, 2006  at  06:33 PM
I've seen the same happen in racehorses and jumping horses. Unless the bones come through the skin there is no bleeding evident. Because the rigidity is lost, the area below the break just flaps about and doesn't support weight. Muscles need to attach to something rigid in order to work. There isn't enough tension of internal contents against skin to create a rigid structure without a supporting bone.

You can do a rough approximation of this by wrapping a pencil fairly loosely in food wrap (loosely because our limbs are full of soft tissue). Then break the pencil without puncturing the food wrap. Then twirl it. It flaps.
Posted by Louise  on  Fri Jun 23, 2006  at  03:56 AM
Well, upon closer inspection and discussion with my co-workers, don't think this *particular* film is real anymore, due to how skinny the lower part of the leg (below the break) looks after the injury, and how loudly audible the breaking sound was.

However, I stand by what I said of this being a very realistic injury, in the way that the guy fell on it and the way it bent under his body under his weight.

Here's a video link to the verified Sid Vicious break I mentioned in my last post so you can see what I'm talking about. He broke his leg nearly in half and retired shortly after. Just posting this to show how similar injuries really happen.
Posted by Josh  on  Fri Jun 23, 2006  at  08:43 PM
oh dude, that's really really nasty.
Posted by eva  on  Sun Jun 25, 2006  at  02:20 PM
very nice blog, congratulations...
Posted by sites sp  on  Sun Jun 25, 2006  at  03:09 PM
I would say that it probably is real i have seen it actually happen at a kickboxing title fight a few years ago beetween heavyweights dennis alexandrio (from the movie kickboxer) and stan "the man" longinidis. Stan won in about 18seconds after a very hard kick to dennis's leg which broke when he stepped back and you can buy a video/dvd ofthe fights called "clash of the titans"
Posted by esembe  on  Wed Jul 05, 2006  at  06:15 AM
he broke his ecl its real.
Posted by matt  on  Tue Jul 11, 2006  at  06:30 PM
yeah the biggest flauw in Thai or kickboxing is the low shin kick. Iv been doing thai boxing for about 3 years now but iv never seen the use of the low kick, i think its pretty much a usless technique.
The shin is a very very voulrnable bone in the body, you pretty much can't use that part of the leg to attack at low kick. (shin height) I never really understood the use of this low kick.

Why use this low kick if the 'chances' of damaging yourself is so high.
I think a lot of young kick/ thai boxers dont even realize that this technique is not really smart to use in the ring.
People: Its easy to break youre shin, no matter how big or hard you've trained.....
Posted by Pidgit  on  Sun Aug 13, 2006  at  12:49 AM
Definitely a fake. Take a look at how it didn't break after the kick, you'll notice that as he brings his foot 'to' kick, it is already limp before it connects with the other person. So, if it's true, it broke before, and if it's fake, the view is very obvious.
Posted by Veraten  on  Fri Dec 01, 2006  at  11:28 PM
Yeah this is real. I've broken my leg and my arm before and the kinda go limp because there's no bone supporting all the loose skin...
Posted by Maelini  on  Fri Jan 05, 2007  at  10:57 PM
Well..I just watched it again..and I do believe this one is fake. But your broken limbs do go limp like that
Posted by Maelini  on  Fri Jan 05, 2007  at  11:01 PM
The video is real. I remember the fight years ago.
It was this as well as other incidents that made it more difficult to get this type of event legalized in California.

There are several more videos of the exact same break from such kicks. In my school, Kung Fu University, we teach a few ways to intentionally break the leg of such a kick.

It has happened in my schools twice over the years.
The first was a guy who came in off of the street in Phoenix, Arizona and wanted to fight. The second was in Houston, Texas. During a competition with a Taekwondo student, who broke his leg.
Seems to always be the right leg. LOL

Straight kicks using the heel are the most effective and a straight line is much faster than a curve or an arc.
Posted by David howard  on  Sat Mar 31, 2007  at  03:29 PM's a fighting art which would definitely have higher amount of risks to get hurt/injured than if you do other things such as paintings or watching sports channel on TV lol. All jokes aside, it's very important a martial artist should train very hard to minimize the chance to get fatally injured, for eg. in Judo you should know how to "land" safely if you don't want to have your neck/shoulder brocken.

Posted by MuayPride  on  Fri Feb 08, 2008  at  08:18 PM
The Low Line shin kick is very nasty, yes the danger is there but placed well it is a great move. This break is real as someone who does Muay Thai if you kick gets block via the "wall" it does hurt YOU more the your target. This guys mistake is he opened with a low line kick, and that he made it pretty damn apprent that he was going to as well. The low line kick is good after a few rib kicks or so, but a low leg kick is best done with a "switch" kick so its on the inside of the thigh were the femeral artery and syatic nerve are located(i think thats the proper nerves?) Also this guy could have been kicking with the wrong part of his shin, i coulndt tell that well. Its also very posible that he never went threw shin conditioning probly just hit some pads and a bag a little.
Posted by ThaiGuy  on  Mon Jul 07, 2008  at  10:10 PM
That horrible. Ouch. One of the most disturbing vids Iv'e seen. :coolgrin:
Posted by The Mag House  on  Mon Mar 08, 2010  at  06:04 PM
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