Senior Pranks 2006

Status: Mischief
Most high schools are now out for the summer, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to pause and remember some of the senior pranks that made headlines this year. As usual, they're a mix of the clever, stupid, rude, and cruel.

Car on roof - image Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School: School officials found a Honda Accord "painted neon pink and covered with green question marks" on the roof of the high school. "Nassau police and school officials said yesterday that dozens of students used crudely made ramps to drag the Honda Accord... onto the roof."

Power out - Neuqua Valley High School: Two students were arrested for attempting what they called the "senior prank of all senior pranks." Their plan was to disable a generator and take "other steps to ensure the power would go out and classes would be canceled for younger students still in school." They were caught in the act by a custodian and arrested at their homes.

School for sale - Cape Fear Academy: "During the night before their last day of school Friday, about 20 members of the senior class strung a $215, 3-foot-by-9-foot vinyl sign with large, red letters spelling out "Entire School For Sale" and the school's telephone number between two posts in front of the school yard on South College Road. Another 20 or so smaller "For Sale" signs were peppered around the grounds."

Squealing pig - Severna Park High School: Students "released a squealing 31-pound piglet named Hamilton into the halls on the sinister date of 6/6/06 ... Purloined from a county park for an end-of-year stunt, the 3-month-old pig -- nickname: Hammy -- appeared Tuesday morning in the math wing of the Annapolis area school between the first and second class periods. Administrators cornered the frightened animal near an exit, where he submitted to capture as students recorded the moment on their cellphone cameras. 'There was this crowd of people who were, like, 'Omigod, there's a pig,' ' said Sarah Wade, a junior."

Marijuana muffins - Lake Highlands High School: A friend of a student delivered marijuana-spiked muffins to the teachers lounge. "He brought bran muffins to suburban Lake Highlands High School on May 16, saying they were part of an Eagle Scout project. When school employees ate the muffins, they began complaining of nausea, lightheadedness and headaches, and were briefly hospitalized. "They were just thinking it would be fun to get these teachers all silly and giggly," said Rita Greenfield, an 86-year-old receptionist at the school who spent two days in the hospital after eating the muffins.

Cruelty to animals - Ponderosa High School: "The local news broadcasters used words like 'horrified,' 'abusive behavior' and 'unbelievable act of cruelty' to describe the so-called senior prank at an area high school that involved someone dropping 45 baby chicks from a second-floor balcony, resulting in the deaths of seven of the chicks.... Four years ago in the county, a student at Highlands Ranch High School threw a rabbit across the gymnasium at a pep rally, breaking its legs and paralyzing it. The rabbit was later destroyed." (Good grief! PETA needs to open a chapter in that county.)

Doors glued shut - Independence High School (San Jose): "Right in the middle of finals week, an entire high school campus was virtually shut down Tuesday morning, after somebody glued classroom doors shut... The pranksters used super glue, as well as toothpicks in the locks. The numbers "06" were also painted on school buildings... As exams were delayed and students and teachers milled about this morning, maintenance crews used blow-torches to melt the glue that was squirted onto classroom locks."

Personalized underwear - East Aurora High (suburban Chicago): Several seniors were banned from attending graduation "as punishment for participating in an end-of-the-year prank last week that involved spray painting school property, stealing a statue of the Tomcat mascot and hanging underwear adorned with printout photos of administrators' faces in front of the building.... The damages have cost the district $1,700,"

Baby oil on floor - Omaha Burke High School: Students spread baby oil on the school's floors, resulting in injury for one teacher. "The principal of Omaha Burke High School underwent knee surgery Tuesday for an injury she suffered when she slipped on baby oil spread by vandals on the school's floors... Officers had caught five 18-year-olds inside the school, where 20 locker doors had a glue-type substance put in their locks and where the floors and stairs were coated with baby oil.

Flat tires - Jefferson High School (New Jersey): "a high school prankster deflated the front tires of 24 school buses parked at a Weldon Road compound Tuesday, but district officials weren't laughing as they were forced to cancel classes for more than 3,600 students... In addition to the tire damage, the vandals left behind another clue: The numbers "06" spray-painted on one of the buses."

Alcohol allowed - Daniel Hand High School: "Parents of high school seniors received a letter from Daniel Hand High School, with official letter head, concerning the upcoming prom. Included,a policy about drinking that it was allowed!... Principal Barbara Britton acted immediately to get the word out that this letter was not authentic posting a message on the school's website saying: "Let me assure you that underage drinking and the serving of alcoholic beverages is not permissible at the senior prom or any sponsored school event."


Posted on Mon Jun 19, 2006


The best one I've ever seen was at my HS. The campus was arranged around a sunken "mall" area about 5-6 feet deep. The seniors sandbagged the drains and used a hydrant to fill it up. They even added a rowboat and some ducks. Hilarious, but then the class got the water bill...
Posted by Jennifer  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  02:24 AM
My old high school was put up for sale by my sister's year and they also gave it a dose of chicken pox, gluing big red dots all over the buildings along with bio-hazard signs.
My friends and I decided on a gnome invasion and we all brought in a heap of garden gnomes. They were stuck on the roof, in gardens, classrooms, toilets. There was a group of them on top of the canteen roof that stayed there for three years until the school could be bothered to remove them.
Posted by Nettie  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  04:07 AM
For those who are quick enough
Site of a Dutch highschool pimped up with new layout and some music.
(for the ones who missed it: for a screenshot).
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  09:56 AM
My senior prank this year was limited xD And three different groups of people did things.
the slutty girl cround threw their bras into the middle of campus and went braless for the day.

the jocks took all of the tables of the cafeteria and stacked them in front of the faculty parking lot with caution tape and plastic wrap, so the teachers couldn't get in... luckily (because I slept in that day and got to school late) the instant I walked into first period after the bell had rung, the principal announced that anyone late was excused.

The best prank, which wasn't noticed as much was by my guyfriend, and required a knowlege of the school's history. Every year, the senior class painted this water tower and it became something of a tradition. Well, last year it was torn down in order to make room for a road... so my guyfriend went up and rebuilt a "water tower" for the hill :D

now, some friends and I were going to littler communist propaganda around school, and get the entire musical cast to wear red sashes and cloaks and I would wear my commie hat we got from china... but we were too tired xD Instead the leads just painted communist symbols on their hats and wore red sashes to graduation.

better than last year's side walk chalk prank... oh god. Worst prank ever.
Posted by Mera  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  12:08 PM
Pouring oil on the stairs. . .and these kids are considered intelligent enough to graduate from high school?

And I can't regale you all with tales of my high school pranks, because I never went to high school. For which fact the teachers of the world are probably most grateful.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  01:37 PM
It looks to me like schools need to add a required course on "The difference between funny pranks and criminal assaults."
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  04:13 PM
We were banned from having a muck-up day. So no pranks for us. :down:
Posted by Smerk  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  06:41 PM
I'm going to Waubonsie (which is Neuqua's rival) and I am SO glad I'm not going to Neuqua, if the students are like that.
Posted by Someone  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  08:52 PM
we've had a few hilarious pranks that were basically copied from old ones but were still great. firstly some guys built a brick wall infront of the front door. that was hilarious. then a friend of mine piled 150 tires at the front door and paintballed the entire place. then a few years ago they put 4 sheep on the roof numbered 1,2,4,5 and the maintenance people spent hours trying to find them. and another farm related one was some rednecks letting a huge number of sheep into the school which was then covered in animal crap. we're thinking of putting some dead animals in the ventilation system and IF we get enough money we might try and hotbox a wing of the school by burning a pile of weed in the vents.
Posted by jimanyjerk  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  10:18 PM
I read an article a few days ago about two (male)graduating seniors who grabbed the (male)principal's booty when they went up to get their diplomas. A terrible thing to do to someone, but also too funny. Apparently the principal is suing.
Posted by Silence Dogood  on  Tue Jun 20, 2006  at  11:29 AM
This year at Seaquam Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia the grade 12 students dug a huge hole in the football field that is in behind the school and planted a tree in the hole. Then to top it off they cemented the tree in place! It wasn't just a small tree it took a lot of man power to get that tree in there.
Posted by Jacquie  on  Wed Jun 21, 2006  at  07:11 PM
The senior prank at my school this year was awful. Apparently you can buy fox urine at garden stores, to keep animals out of the yard. The seniors bout huge amounts of this stuff and drenched all the lockers in the school with it. It stank for a week before they found all of it and cleaned it up.
Posted by NFM  on  Wed Jun 28, 2006  at  06:12 PM
One of my favorites (possibly apocryphal, though I have to assume they've done it) is at Chardon High School in northeast Ohio... where they take the C's off everything...
Posted by nfatb  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  12:49 AM
Here's a prank some kids did at our school. It isn't great unless your school is really strict. They took some purple dye and rubbed it on the doorknobs, rails, everywhere. This dye doesn't come off your hands easily, either. However I recomend something that won't stain clothes or you could get busted.
Posted by Person  on  Sun Jul 30, 2006  at  09:37 PM
my ideas so far... (1)food fight or water balloon fight in caf. (2)let birds loose in the gym. (3)pam the hallways so they're slippery. (4)put a cow or horse on the second floor, they won't go down stairs and can't go in the elevator. (5)put water and goldfish in dixie cups upside down in the hallway, they suction to the floor so when you pull them up you get water anf fish all over the floor. ---I need more ideas!
Posted by danielle  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  05:41 PM
My 8th grade year me and about oh i unno 4 or 5 friends went around town and picked up these signs showing skewl pride and therew them in the back of a truck and climbed in back of this truck and follwed the football player bus around town after a game screaming out masscot name 😛

I also experienced a senior prank where some friends and i got really drunk and walked to our school late at night and decorated a sign that said u were entering our skewl with smiley faces and penis's. then we got on golf carts and ceran wrapped up our skewl and went to our football field and decorated it with pretty signs. 🐍
Posted by Fred  on  Sun Sep 03, 2006  at  12:01 PM
The best senior prank ive ever seen has been at my hight school.They took hundreds of plastic forks and put them in the ground in front of the school But the best was that the plastic forks were covered in honey and glue. They made the entire senior class take the forks out.
Posted by Robert Spelling  on  Thu Sep 07, 2006  at  01:46 PM
our school planted several pink flamingo lawn decorations around the freshman wing was great.we stole all of our hallways passes as well...several years ago we put laxative in the tea in the cafeteria.
Posted by soso  on  Sun Sep 17, 2006  at  09:30 AM
I go to Westview High School in Martin, Tennessee. I am part of the graduating class of 2007. Last year, my junior year, our football team played our cross county rivals the Dresden High School Lions. There is always a lot of talking and the two towns more or less hate each other. Me and two friends who also go to Westview and are graduating in 2007 drove to the armpit of a town called Dresden the night before the big game. In front of the high school they have a very expensive life-sized statue of a lion, their mascot. With a little spray paint and artistic touch, my friends and i spray painted the lion blue and gold(Westview's school colors). The face was blue. They mane was gold. The body and tail were blue. The tip of the tail was gold. And to top it off we spray painted W H S on the lion's side. Also the lion had balls and the right one was painted blue and the left one we painted gold haha. We however, were caught and fined 150 dollars and community service. People ask me all the time if it was worth it and I say everytime...HELL YES!
Posted by Kevin Harris  on  Thu Sep 28, 2006  at  09:39 PM
Me and my friends are going to dig the numbers '07 into the ground then fill it with cemente. It's the ultimate prank
Posted by Billy Thompson  on  Wed Oct 11, 2006  at  11:39 PM
damn u peeps r crazy!!!!!!!!!
but good ideas though thanx!!!!!!1
Posted by shawn  on  Wed Oct 25, 2006  at  11:33 AM
I have a great idea for a prank. Take the cordless drills from the wood shop room. Come with 10 friends and pop everyones tires. You could probably do 50 cars in a minute. That would be hilarious.
Posted by Steve  on  Sun Nov 12, 2006  at  08:20 PM
this really isnt a senior prank but its pretty funny! one day me an like 2 of my buddy's thought that we should superglue 1 of the phone's n the classroom to the teacher's head!! it worked! she piced up the phone an started ta talk but win she finally relized that there was somethin on it she pulled it off really fast! o an we never got cought!
Posted by Houston  on  Mon Nov 13, 2006  at  05:01 PM
It was the opponents homecoming, and that school came and forked our school. So for revenge, we went and put round up on there football field and designed a cock on the field.... "do this like 4 dayz b4 the game". So like during the game. everybody could see the penis during the game...We never got busted either
Posted by Danial Rosado  on  Fri Dec 08, 2006  at  10:27 PM
Those are all lame. you guys don't realize that the one's with animals are all animal abuse. You can go to jail for that. We have an idea this year that has no vandalism, is going to take the administrators hours to clean up and we can't go to jail for it. Learn to weigh your options and pick one that is going to make the most impact.
Posted by Matty  on  Sun Dec 10, 2006  at  07:10 PM
surane rap on the toilet seats.. gets 'em everytime. great entertainment, thanks guys!
Posted by The Main Event  on  Sat Dec 16, 2006  at  04:20 PM
a highschoolmprank i will never forget is when our senior class coverd a teeacher's room with metalic reflective wrapping papper and they changed the light's in the room and when the teacher turned on the light she couldnt see.
antoher great one was they put deer pee in the pricipals car.they also put honey all over the freshman hall and then they poured feathers and sequins in the honey,,the hall was very decoritive but it was a PAIN to clean up.
Posted by aaron gereing  on  Sat Dec 23, 2006  at  12:03 AM
My Grad class in langley got help from a few teachers and keys from janitors and we got half a dozen trucks in the field behind our school at 5:00 AM before school. We got into the school and removed every chair and desk in every classroom, loaded them into the trucks and drove them all to the far field. It took us only an hour and a bit, and we ended up shutting the school down for half the day. Something to note: you definatly need to be able to prove a teacher let you in when the cops come 😛
Posted by DTG  on  Tue Dec 26, 2006  at  04:43 PM
Im a senior this year (2007) and if you have a teacher that is fat and you really hate. Get super granny panties preferably white and and get some fudge and smear it on the ass part of the underware and in big bold letters write property of... the teachers name and hang it up on the flag pole preferable by shimming up the pole not by the wires so its harder to get it down. this is kinda mean but hilarous
Posted by David  on  Mon Jan 08, 2007  at  08:22 PM
i've read the whole list and i know that this one isn't on there. Figure out your most hated teacher/principle's cell phone number and then go to a virizon, cingular, ect. store where they sell cell phones, and program that number into every cell phone on display as the quick dile for every number on the phone. They will either have to put up with all the calls or change their number.

Think out side of school to have the best pranks, and give me your ideas!
Posted by wayzata Minnesota  on  Wed Jan 10, 2007  at  10:23 PM
So last year at Holt High school, the seniors thought that it would be funny if all of a sudden the animals on Edrus ( Skate arenia) were to come up missing. Well the night before someone stole a Monkey and a Zebra off the roof and put them on the West Side of the school. The next Morning when school started everyone who came in on the west side saw the Prank. The Teachers thought that was funny and wondered how they got them and how they got them on the roof in the first place without getting caught. They people who stole them brought them back to Edrus.
Posted by Erica (Baby_E)  on  Tue Jan 23, 2007  at  08:38 PM
Me and the senior class made shirts that said Senior Prank 07, foyer at 10 AM BE THERE and everybody wore these shirts on the day And then we waited outside of the foyer until 10 when all of the hall monitors, security guards, and administrators showed up to stop what we were doing, until we showed up with a sign that said you fell for it. It was great, and everyone laughed pretty hard after wards.
Posted by Jaclyn  on  Mon Feb 05, 2007  at  01:19 PM
Me and my best friend figured out that wet papertowels stick to the walls of bathrooms so we went to everyone during seminar and made huge penis's on the walls. it probably wasn't hard to get down but it was hella funny.
Posted by Gardner Edgerton HS  on  Mon Feb 12, 2007  at  05:10 PM
at my school the seniors did the best prank of all they did like a hundred things here the first they iced the road infront of the school, they painted a playboy bunny on the roof of the school, they got ten cows and one bull and let them run up the stairs to the top floor (and if u dont know cows cant go down stairs just up them haha), then they got the deans car and carryed it up the stair with the cows to his office, then they got 2 water pumps and a bobcat excavater and made a pond in the middle of the football field and put fish and ducks in it . are school is crazy ahha
Posted by drew  on  Mon Feb 12, 2007  at  05:48 PM
Yo these are some very great pranks, but i have the best you will ever hear.

A few years ago all the seniors threw fish guts on the ceiling of hallways and classrooms.
It was hilarious The school was closed for 3 days
Posted by JJ___@j_2_kul_4_u  on  Mon Feb 12, 2007  at  05:54 PM
hey, if you want to do something that you won't get in lots of trouble for but it is hilarious...especially when your teachers are computer illiterate!!! All you have to do is take the little rollie things out of the computer mouses!! It's great!! None of the computer classes could do any work and Seniors couldn't do their term papers!! HAHA It was hilarious!
Posted by stacy  on  Tue Feb 13, 2007  at  05:27 PM
I cant wait until 08.. because my senior prank is going to be WORLDWIDEE!
Rememeber Northeast High School in Fort Lauderdale Floridaaa because your going to be hearing it all over the news nexted school year!
Posted by Danielle  on  Wed Feb 14, 2007  at  05:18 PM
My highschool colors are purple and white and a couple years ago a group of girls painted thousands of tampons purple and spell out the words "kahoks bleed purple" with the tampons
Posted by Candace  on  Wed Feb 14, 2007  at  05:48 PM
alright i go to United Township High School in East Moline. Me and 3 of my friends are going to chain up our bus barn where the school buses are kept and lock it and leave a paper for the faculty to find with a ton of random numbers for the lock.
Posted by jerry  on  Tue Feb 20, 2007  at  01:40 PM
A few friends and I recently bought 3 chickens...we're currently writing up special name tags...we're gonna call them chicken 1, chicken 2, and chicken you see where i'm going with this? once we let them loose in school...i have an awesome feeling that the teachers are gonna go nuts finding chicken 3
Posted by Nick  on  Tue Feb 20, 2007  at  11:10 PM
at my school a long long time ago, (my teacher told me of this) there was a big blizzard and tons of snow, so they made HUGE snowballs, like 6 feet high each (took like 10 ppl to push them) and they would push one in front of the teachers car and one behind it. then the teacher went out and relized they couldnt get was absolutely hilarious......!!
Posted by tracey brower  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  12:01 PM
Some friends of mine just pulled off a senior prank, They put the lunch chairs and tables used by the faculty on the roof of the school. It was funny except for one small detail. They got caught!!! I highly suggest to all of you that if your going to commit a prank don't break into the school and make sure that you are under the age of 18. If your 18 or older the school is likely to press major charges aginst you. My six friends all got kicked out of school and possibly will not graduate. One of them even has felony charges aginst him and could see jail time. If your gonna pull off a prank make sure its worth not walking across that stage and/or going to jail.
Posted by Henry  on  Wed Feb 28, 2007  at  07:31 AM
Well, we at Lutheran High School recently discussed senior pranks and came up with a few ideas: set tires over the flag pole so that they are stuck there, chain the doors to the school shut, (for this we have a large window on wednesdays when our teachers have a meeting) we could unhinge all the classroom doors in the school.
Posted by Why Not?  on  Fri Mar 02, 2007  at  09:56 PM
some people need to get a little more creative how about something other than o idk "i got 3 pigs, chickens what ever i numbered them 1 2 and 4 get it" yes everyone gets it and everyone has heard that idea many times
Posted by people r dumb  on  Sun Mar 11, 2007  at  12:45 AM
The best Senior prank was the year before me when they sent a letter home to all the students, useing the school letterhead and everything, that said condoms were going to be handed out at prom sighting a bill number sr2006 and a bunch of parents actually bought it. The best part was our principal thought it was funny but she got a lot of crap from parents and her bosses. They never caught the kids either.
Posted by Sarah  on  Wed Mar 14, 2007  at  12:30 AM
My class is going to make a sock puppet movie that makes fun of all of the teachers and then switch it with the school announcement tape at second hour.
Posted by K  on  Mon Mar 19, 2007  at  08:46 PM
My English teacher told me two great pranks, and they're harmless.

1. Take all the chairs in the school, and put them in the bathrooms. This does two things:
a) No one has a chair to sit in.
b) Bathrooms can't be accessed.

2. Take a freshmen, strip them to their boxers, and paint them in school colors. Then, before school starts, chain them across the entrance that the buses use. The buses won't be able to enter the school!
Posted by Andrea  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  03:22 AM
If u go to a chrisian school and take communion u can spike the wine with evercleer and tell all the seniors to cross their arms so that they don't have to do it and at the end the father will have to drink all of what's left over, because its a rule. Hammered Preachers!!! yea
Posted by Zack Colosky  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  03:42 PM
I thought of a Sr. prank just today but when i saw it might cost the school $1.5k and I decided against it. Feel free to use it though as long as you give me credit 😊 This takes awhile to do it right though. Actually it takes about 3 years. Anyway what you need is 14 ppl a school elevator and those little cups they give you for water at lunch. So what you do is get all fourteen of your friends to take three of those cups every day and collect them somewhere and after three (school) years you should have collected 22680 cups what you do after that is get the elevator key and find a way to get all 22680 cups in the elevator (if your school has cameras like mine does this might be hard) then post a sign so everyone will believe you did it (and your class year) and wait the next day for some poor cripple to open the elevator.

And before you do this plz look at the cost of plastic cups its actually a surprisingly large sum.
Posted by Jeff P  on  Mon Mar 26, 2007  at  07:00 PM
A few years ago, the seniors at my highschool released two chickens in the forum and pained a 1 and a 3 on them. the administration found the two chickens, but never found the #2 chicken that never existed.
Posted by maura  on  Mon Apr 02, 2007  at  05:32 AM
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