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Status: Hoax
image This is in pretty bad taste, but kind of funny nevertheless, in a twisted kind of way. A guy in Bali named Eddie Hutauruk claims to be offering guided tours that allow you to visit Schapelle Corby in her jail cell. (For those who don't recognize who Schapelle Corby is, she's the Australian woman who is currently serving a 20-year sentence for supposedly trying to import 4.1 kg of cannabis into Bali. The cannabis was found in her luggage. A lot of people think she's innocent, and that the cannabis was put in her luggage by baggage handlers at the airport who were part of a drug-smuggling ring.) The Schapelle Corby tours offer a variety of options. The photo tour gives you just enough time to pose for a photo with her, or you can opt for the more expensive All Day Tour:

This tour allows you to observe Schapelle's entire day, starting from her wake up call at 700 am. Optional extra: For just $10AUD or more you can personally ring the wake up alarm to start Schapelle's day. Observation chairs are provided, as well as food and drinks throughout the day. We respect Schapelle's privacy – so the day finishes at 6.30pm to allow Schapelle to return to her bedroom.

I'm pretty certain that the Indonesian authorities aren't going to allow a private tour company to shuttle people in and out of one of their prisons all day. Which is why I'm labelling this a hoax. Eddie's efforts to get everyone to click on his google ads also don't add to his credibility. And the pictures of people posing with Corby are obviously photoshopped. (Thanks to Emily for the link.)

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Posted on Thu Mar 16, 2006


Hahahaha! Love the "INNOCENT OR GUILTY" part. Love it!
Posted by Soldant  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  12:27 AM
I read, with great interest, the Wikipedia entry for Schapelle Corby. Although her family ties to the drug world are no indication of her guilt, it's a darn good start. Although the Wikipedia post was not evidence (?) in the case, it was either wrote in a very biased manner to support her conviction, or the facts don't lie. In which case- GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!
Posted by Christopher in Joplin, Missouri  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  05:54 AM
After posting my first comment, I read Soldant's comment. I had to go check out that link- I agree! HILARIOUS! I clicked on the GUILTY link, just to toss in my nickel-vote. I hope Eddie makes a mint off this venture...
Posted by Christopher in Joplin, Missouri  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  06:05 AM
I don't know about Indonesia, but in some countries (such as much of Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East) this sort of enterprise would actually be possible. There are plenty of prisons where anybody willing to pay the guards can get in to see anyone they want to, and where prisoners eat, wear, and have in their cells whatever somebody gives them or they can buy. The prisoners themselves often earn extra cash by running various businesses inside the prison, so making a sideshow of herself, or having the prison administration do it with or without her permission, wouldn't necessarily be out of the question.
Posted by Big Gary in Heavener, Oklahoma  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  04:36 PM
'Three of Corby's family members have been convicted on drug charges and the fourth is currently facing drug charges. Her mother says "At least I know where my kids are, even if they are in jail."'

Rosleigh Rose (apparently that's actually her name) should be a shoo-in for Mother of the Year, eh?
Posted by Big Gary in Ponder, Texas  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  05:01 PM
Big Gary, you're absolutely right about Indonesian prisons. Corby has her cell decked out to the nines and her friends and family provide food, dvd players and movies because they can pay their way past the guards. My government is trying to set up an agreement so Corby and the members of the 'Bali nine' who aren't executed can do their time in Australia, but most of them don't want to. Aussie prisons are very strict and those with family on the outside will have far more luxuries in an Indonesian prison than here. For the right price, prisoners can even have mobile phones in their cells. That will never happen here.
Posted by Nettie  on  Sat Mar 18, 2006  at  12:54 AM
Yeah but here they usually get stupid penalties of only a couple of years, even for crimes like rape. Neither system works well, Indonesia's system is corrupt and Australia's system is a freaking joke with the penalties it hands out.
Posted by Soldant  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  04:57 PM
To Nettie from Perth

I'm not sure who you are when you speak of 'my government'. I know you can't answer this but I'll put it nonetheless, since I beleive it is in Schapelle Corby's interest.

I wrote to a number of politicians about this issue, and the 'unusual responses' left me in little doubt that I was correct.

I had a brother just like James Corby (Kisina). And this (drug smuggling) is exactly the sort of thing he would have done - by contrast, I went to Law school. So it does happen that not all members of a family are the same. My brother would have been stupid enough to place the drugs on top of the bag jsut like this. It was one of the early symptoms of a schizophrenic illness which has an onset in males at around 16 years of age. This illness can be mild or severe so it isn't always obvious from talking to the person that it exists. In the less severe cases, it involves a situation where the sufferer doesnt quite interpret things as they really are. Had this been my 16 year old brother for example, he just would not have appreciated the seriousness of the act. Eg."everyone does it - if you get caught you just have to give the customs officer an ounze of the stuff, and they'll forget it". So for the question I know you can't answer

"is there any reasobable doubt amongst any member of partliament, that the brother was responsible for these drugs? I don't think it's my imagination from the unexpected responses I received form both sides of parliament, that EVERYONE THERE is well aware that James Kisina was responsible for that crime. I suspect the fight Schapelle had with her mother after the 20 year sentence was handed down (and refused to see her), was because she was standing over Schapelle making sure she didn't 'spill her guts'. There are no loose threads or unanswered questions, once one realises what really happpened.

It was used against her , that she was nervous while she was opening the boogie board bag. Of course she was nervous. She was thinking 'OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL HAS HE DONE'. I well know that practice of stepping in and taking over from my deadshit brother. It's called damage control. And I have now learnt to stay away from him altogether. In the long run, I can't help him. Ipaid thousands of dollars in his legal fees. Thank GOD, I never paid the price that Schapelle did.

Posted by helen hayes  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  08:37 PM
what a load of deadbeats you people are on this chat blog. Have nothing better to do then believe the gossip that is not true and then write about it and give your own stupid opinons.
If you read the news you would notice that almost every news story that has been against Corby or her family has ended up being not true.
The australian media is bad, unethicaly and full of lies. It will never get better when people like you believe all the crap.
Posted by Dewi  on  Tue Sep 05, 2006  at  12:29 AM
dewi, not everything that is said on the news is wrong infact most of it is correct otherwise it wouldn't be on the news. if schappelle corby ws inoscent our government would be sticking up for her and trying to get her back to australia, but instead what are they doing? nothing, as far as they and i are concernwed she is guilty
Posted by amy  on  Tue Jun 26, 2007  at  09:24 PM
If you have not been over there it is likely that you do not understand how crazy it is. Your life could be taken from you so fast over there! I personally don't buy that she was trying to bring in keys of herb, either - I mean it would be a losing, illogical proposition any way you look at it! Financially, risk-wise, any way!
Well... that's all... It's kind of a lutzy site, the tour site, but to see what kind of people are involved in all this check out: and scroll down to Don Reid's post at the bottom of the page...
Posted by James  on  Sat Nov 17, 2007  at  04:20 PM
schapelle corby has become somewhat of a cult cause for some australians. her case is as straightforward as just about any other case, yet many people insist that criminal baggage handlers planted the drugs in her bag. despite zero evidence of that, many people are convinced it must be true.

this website hoax is most likely aimed at poking fun at her irrational defenders.

while most people sympathise with her cruel plight, there appears little evidence to support the theory of her innocence.
Posted by sheik  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  02:17 AM
Helen, you cannot say that Schapelle's brother planted drugs just because your brother would have done it. That's nonsense. Newsflash: No two people are the same.
What "fight" between Schapelle and her mother are you talking about? These rumours are getting out of control.
It's clear to see that neither Schapelle nor her brother did it. Why? Because the Bali Police would not let her family access any evidence. If Schapelle or her brother were guilty, her family would not have fought so hard to get evidence (such as bag weights, fingerprints and CCTV footage). They fought to get evidence to prove that the drugs weren't in the bag before arriving in Bali. Read "My Story", there are so many holes in the case.

Nettie - what on earth are you on about? Schapelle is not even allowed to have a cell phone. She most certainly does not have a DVD player. She's only just been allowed to get a powerpoint to plug in a fan. What a luxury! Check what you say before talking crap.
Posted by JB  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  03:16 AM
I was a supporter for a long time...but views do change..some home truths do and have come out about this case...
'our schapelle' as we all called her, may not be as innocent as one thinks...nor maybe the family...
but who really is?..a lot of people smoke a bit of pot, everyday type people,
business..lawyers..doctors...mums and dads..the butcher...but I don't feel that makes them a druggy or a drug dealer...
but no matter what the issue is..someone will always be out there to stir the pot..there are those that want to make schapelle and her family as miserable as possible..
I think they have been through enough...whether she is guilty or not..I think it's time they were given a bit of space..
Posted by Fairbloodydinkum  on  Mon May 26, 2008  at  08:55 PM
I can't believe you people think insensitive hoaxes like these are funny in any way. This woman's life is completely ruined because of something she didn't even do, and you guys want to joke about it? Her family and friends have gone through hell with her, and the last thing they want to see or hear about is idiots like you getting entertainment out of their very tragic situation. I hope that one day, karma comes back to you.
Posted by Felicia  on  Mon Jul 07, 2008  at  01:26 AM
I just want to say that this guy will get his in the end, Karma will get him back. This is not funny at all and he is a huge dbag... Free Corby !
Posted by Jeremy  on  Thu Jul 31, 2008  at  06:48 PM
I and four others decided to go on this tour. After seeing and actually feeding her believe me no HOAX here it is very for real. She has everything you could ask for in her cell. Without a doubt worth the money throwing food in her direction and watching her eat it! very reasonable rates also.
Posted by Mica  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  12:38 AM
It is quite unbeleavable how compassionless and hateful some people can be. This woman is suffering sheer hell: yet people still want more.

She had no trial, just the show trial. They burned the evidence. They refused to collect the CCTV from Bali airport. They refused to test the drugs for country of origin. It goes on and on. Talk about human rights abuse!

Yet some people swallow all the smears and present them as fact. They try to re-write history. They seem to enjoy the suffering of an innocent. Sick.

To any right minded person she is innocent. To any right minded person 20 yeras is barbaric. To any right minded person, people who exploit this (like the tour guy) are sick.

I have put the video in the link here. Watch it. Then watch how the media have brainwashed people here:

Then... FFS.. help her!
Posted by Nicola W  on  Wed Nov 19, 2008  at  05:23 AM
innocent or not - that website is absolutely disgusting.. no one should be treated like an animal "she must be chained up during some personal visits" or some crap.. what a load of crap! moron..
Posted by cherie e  on  Tue May 19, 2009  at  07:39 AM
Anybody who thinks this made up tour thing is funny should have their face punched in. Your an idiot and I hope your house burns down. You suck!! And Schapelle, keep your head up...You'll soon be free.
Posted by Gary M  on  Fri Jul 17, 2009  at  01:52 AM
Second time I have been on the tour. A few new added twists. Shappelle seems to be doing fine just aging rather quickly. Seems she has a smart business type mind and is definitely a very trusted inmate. I would recommend this tour and give it a 5 star rating. The school I teach at is trying to add this tour to our planned summer trips to Bali. If anyone interested there is a huge break on the tour fee.
Posted by MM  on  Tue Jul 28, 2009  at  10:04 PM
just bring the girl home 20years for a bitof weed bloody stupid
Posted by gwilde  on  Mon Feb 01, 2010  at  02:29 PM
Most people in Australia know that Americans read the papers and take whatever they say as gospel (dickheads) but when Aussies do the same its far worse.
if anyone really took the time (5 min) to REALLY read the true evidence and NOT just what has ben written by wankers in blogs etc like this you would ALL hang ya dumb arse heads in shame.
But hey! who really killed JFK??? Alians??? bunch of brain dead wankers the lot of you. get a life
Posted by Bernie McClafferty  on  Sat Aug 14, 2010  at  10:04 PM
The "Tour" is just another Indonesian rip off in Bali and anyone who pays money online to the little Javanese worm running the site, deserves all they get.
You can buy ANYTHING you want on Bali and its ALL controlled by the Mafia Police force. Why is it regarded as the worlds hot spot for Pedophiles, terrorists, drug & weapons running and setting up Aussie tourists?
The New "corby tour" site will be shut down for the same reasons. It is Illegal, Immoral and UNAUSTRALIAN!
Seems many in here have had the "AUSSIE" bred out of them as they have NO IDEA what the term "A FAIR GO" really means.
Posted by Bernie McClafferty  on  Tue May 01, 2012  at  05:02 PM
this is to MM or anyone like that who claims to have been on this "tour". Its fake and there NEVER has been an organised tour by anyone from that web site! They will take your money online for bookings but thats all you get. On arrival at Bali after you find what you've paid for is now in the pockets of the Bali Mafia/Police, If you complain you will be hit up for a "fine" for unknown reasons.
That "fine" will be higher for Aussies than anyone else.
You can bribe the prison guards at times (with a lot of cash) to stand outside Schapelles cell (like a Vulture standing over food) and add to her mental torture by being a typical Beer swilling Bogan constantly screaming "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" but then has NO IDEA what that means anymore!
I'm sure MM has said in the past the he "has a mate" that bought drugs from the Corby's etc etc but if asked to be introduced to "that mate" they NEVER exist!
Schapelle was offered her freedom by the Indo Pres after serving 2 years but ONLY if she admitted guilt? Unlike David Hicks who plead guilty JUST to get out, Schapelle has maintained her innocence the ENTIRE TIME! This MUST mean she is THE most stubborn woman on the planet OR the worlds strongest for digging in her heels and saying F*&K You, I'M INNOCENT!
Posted by Bernie McClafferty  on  Wed May 02, 2012  at  05:33 PM
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