Satanic Toaster

image In the tradition of the Ghost In A Jar, but not as funny or clever, we recently had a Satanic Toaster offered for sale on eBay. The toaster first began to burn the toast. Then, when the seller tried to throw it away, it mysteriously reappeared back in his kitchen. Like I said, a pale imitation of the ghost in a jar. (Submitted by Bob Pagani)

eBay Paranormal

Posted on Sat Feb 21, 2004


A pale imitation of the ghost in the jar? I think not. The toaster that I sold was anything but a pale imitation- it was an original idea that I happened upon when my toaster started to crap out. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't aware of 'the ghost in a jar' until I saw the link to it on this site. Thank you for the publicity though, it greatly aided me in the selling of the toaster

Posted by Tristan Downing  on  Thu Mar 04, 2004  at  10:13 PM
OOH! I have a haunted soupspoon I'd like to be rid of!!!
Posted by catlady  on  Sat Jul 31, 2004  at  04:15 AM
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