Samsung Monitor’s amazing energy-saving feature

It's hard to believe this energy-saving feature on the Samsung SA200 monitor is as revolutionary as their marketing team makes it out to be. After all, isn't it just an ON/OFF switch?


Posted on Wed Jul 11, 2012


It may sound silly but some devices use a lot of power in standby. I remember using a Kill-A-Watt seeing DISH Network and DirecTV satellite receivers used the same power on or off. Some new devices like the Roku line have no off or standby switch at all.

What they need to do is invent a reverse RFID remote infrastructure, that physically activates (by radio waves from the remote) a very sensitive relay that turns on the device.
Posted by Splarka  on  Wed Jul 11, 2012  at  04:32 PM
Maybe they should make it an on/off switch that automatically enters you into weekly competitions every time you use it?
Posted by Peter  on  Wed Jul 11, 2012  at  11:52 PM
I think we should all go and post fake reviews touting the benefits of this 'revolutionary' new feature.
Posted by Madison Marbury  on  Thu Jul 12, 2012  at  05:15 AM
Not sure if copy writers are this desperate for material of people are so oblivious about things not to notice them.

It is a wonderful example of Glittering Generalities.
Posted by cavalier  on  Thu Jul 12, 2012  at  08:53 AM
🐛 Wow! That's amazing! So- lemme get this straight- If you flip this to ON it turns the device ON, and if you switch it to OFF it turns the device OFF?

I like the way you think, M.M.
Posted by Meringue  on  Fri Jul 13, 2012  at  01:30 AM
I don't get it. Is this a hoax?
Posted by James  on  Fri Jul 13, 2012  at  03:13 PM
As Splarka said, a lot of devices in so-called 'off' mode are GULING HUGE AMOUNTS of energy down.

A couple of months ago, there was a story in the NYTimes about Cable DVR boxes. They actually use MORE energy than… a REFRIGERATOR!!! And, that's when it's off.

It turns out the DVR's actually are set to turn off 'off' , but, it's the cable companies that do this adjustment.
The reason it's using energy, is because the updates it receives are sent usually late at night, so, even though you've turned the device off, and think it is, it - and many others - are not.

When asked why not revert it to having a real 'off' setting, the cable operators said they didn't think the cable subscribers would like to have their DVR's updated when actually being used.

Unfortunately, we cable subscribers were never ASKED.

But, yes - a lot of devices we all have - and THINK are off when we push that button, aren't.

The ONLY way to actually make sure it's off? Unplug 'em. I unplug my cable box, and, I've seen a sizable reduction in my electrical bill. SIZABLE.
Posted by U.N. Owen  on  Thu Jul 26, 2012  at  11:11 AM
Standby power. This is also known as phantom power or vampire power. The main idea: "Even though an electric device is turned off, it is still drawing a small amount of power. A television, for example, continues to draw power so that it can sense the remote control to turn it on, or to keep the time." This is absolutely true. Here is a EPA page and a wiki page for further references:
Posted by James  on  Mon Dec 10, 2012  at  01:26 PM
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