Russian propaganda warns of gay indoctrination

Russian state TV, Rossiya-1, has been warning viewers of the moral decadence of the West by airing news footage that shows an American father indoctrinating his child into homosexuality by covering the kid's bedroom wall with gay pornography. However, the footage is obviously fake. It originally came from a sports paraphernalia company, Fathead, and showed a father surprising his son by decorating his wall with a massive photo of a monster truck. The footage was then altered by 4chan users to replace the monster truck with gay pornography. It seems clear that this is not a case of satire mistaken as news. It's a case of willful misrepresentation of satire for the sake of propaganda. []


Posted on Thu Dec 04, 2014


In case you need to know more about Russian propaganda, this is only the top of the iceberg. First of all, our officials sincerely believe in 'gay indoctrination', and the recently created law against it is real. Legally, it does not ban 'gay indoctrination', but only 'promoting non-traditional sexual lifestyles'. However, de facto it is always understood as anti-gay: no instances of people persecuted for approval of, say, polygamy or anti-sexualism have been recorded so far.
Moreover, this is hardly the most outrageous hoax. About two years ago, a Russian expat Irina Bergset claimed that in Norway her son was taken from her, dressed in what she called 'a Putin costume' with multiple dildoes attached to it (???) and gang-raped. This story has even become a meme on Runet.
Posted by Russian Skeptic  on  Sun Dec 07, 2014  at  01:15 AM
And after all, if the Russian government is so scared of gay propaganda, why does Vladimir Vissarionovich Putin show his hairless, muscular, shirtless top so often? Someone's clearly in denial...
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Wed Dec 10, 2014  at  06:15 AM
To Richard Bos:
Ah, this is exactly the question that the few thinking Russians ask...
Posted by Russian Skeptic  on  Mon Jan 12, 2015  at  05:53 AM
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