Haunted Rubber Ducky

image I've said it before and I'll say it again: supernatural possession is the ultimate way to add value to anything you want to sell on eBay. Just claim that it's haunted, then sit back and watch the bids roll in. The latest spirit-plagued item up for sale is a haunted rubber ducky. It supposedly attacked the seller's son in the bathtub. The price is already up to $41.50, and there's only one day left to become the new owner of this spooky curiosity... if you dare.

eBay Paranormal

Posted on Wed Jul 21, 2004


I think I'll try to get some of my stuff haunted and then sell it on eBay. I could use the money.

The duck story reads like a novel or something.
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Wed Jul 21, 2004  at  02:33 PM
That's one hilarious item!!!! Even the details are funny!! It would be even funnier if this thing sold for triple digits.
Posted by AndyMan  on  Wed Jul 21, 2004  at  05:29 PM
Personally I thought the Haunted Gmail was a bit more witty...but I have to say, I'm definetly thinking of putting up some of my own "haunted" items....I just can't beleive how much people are willing to spend on these things.
Posted by Lothar Ignatius  on  Wed Jul 21, 2004  at  06:10 PM
the longer the description, the more people are willing to bid on the item.
Posted by john  on  Wed Jul 21, 2004  at  10:12 PM
'As I mentioned before, if it had not happened to us I would've never given it a second thought and I certainly would have dismissed the author as a quack...'

Posted by Jacob  on  Thu Jul 22, 2004  at  10:24 AM
You know, it's funny...

That two parents would leave their two year old child in a bath by himself.

That the two year old child would be able to articulate that the toys were loosing color and shape while in the water, yet "Yella" did not... or the fact that he felt a "piercing" pain in his hand.

All in all, an obvious fake, and not just for those reasons...
Posted by Singingwolf  on  Fri Jul 23, 2004  at  11:44 PM
It's things like the fact that someone apparantly paid over $100 for this "haunted" rubber ducky that make me dispair for mankind. If ever there was an argument for better education in this country, this is it. Let's see, this guy is a "Christian," he has a "haunted" rubber ducky that apparantly can distort the time-space continuum and instead of destroying it or bringing in an exorcist (not that I believe in that kind of nonsense, mind you, but he apparantly does), he sells it on eBay! Why, it's almost as if his REAL motivation was to make money by telling a bullshit story!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Jul 24, 2004  at  06:31 AM
I think he said too much. There are a hospital and a pastor involved. It's awfully easy in this case to ask for some provenance. He should have offered it right in the listing.
Posted by jb  on  Sun Jul 25, 2004  at  09:20 PM
Well, after all that, it turned out that the high bidder didn't pay for the item. So I guess it wasn't such a good idea.
Posted by Matthieu  on  Mon Aug 16, 2004  at  01:27 AM
Wow. A haunted ducky. Always wanted one of those.
Posted by Dany  on  Wed Aug 25, 2004  at  01:43 PM
Yo! I want to buy that! How much for it?!
Posted by Coyote  on  Thu May 15, 2008  at  08:16 AM
never get one! last nite me and my friend were sleeping and my friend woke up with a rubber duck with a knife! it was on here. we locked it up in the dish washer but somehow it exapted. please never buy one. what we did with it was cut its head of(it was rubber) put masking tape all around it and then rapped it in a bag and my mom drove us down to the creek but it was to long of a walk so we drove into a busy street and i threw it in there. so far we haven't seen the duck. so never buy one. you might end up dead like me and my friend almost were.
Posted by hi  on  Sun Jun 29, 2008  at  09:38 AM
That's funny - will have to give it a try!
Posted by Bosch  on  Tue Aug 04, 2009  at  06:02 AM
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