Roving Ovines Return

image Three and a half years ago Larry and Sean disappeared from their home in Norfolk. Larry and Sean were ornamental sheep. Plywood cutouts covered with a woolly coat. About a week ago they reappeared, much to the delight of their owner, and they brought back with them a letter marked 'Larry and Sean's Holiday Photos,' showing the adventures they had in India. Turns out that Larry and Sean had been sheep-napped by a local man, Joe Claydon, who saw them one night while stumbling home from a late-night party and decided to make off with them. Years later Claydon felt guilty and took the sheep on an Indian holiday before returning them to their rightful owner. A small gallery of their vacation photos can be seen here. I think this prank (sending ornamental garden figures, usually gnomes, on foreign vacations) has become quite popular after it was featured in the movie Amelie. It was also the theme of a Travelocity ad campaign.

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Posted on Mon Nov 22, 2004


As a side note...those pictures of the sheep don't look real. I seriously think they're a fake. I have been to a theme park where you can set your camera up on a certain level, and if you stand on X mark, where begind you is a fake looks like you're getting your picture taken at the Eiffel tower or in New York. It's not the same as the back-drop scenes, I know the one I did was a city-scene on 2 wooden posts, set about 15 ft behind me. I set my camera on timer, stood on the X, & when I got my pictures developed it looked as if I had my picture taken with the skyline of New York behind me. You could see the sidewalks & people all around me, as they actually were when I took the picture. And the sky was the same. I don't really know how to explain it. I wish I still had the picture...And the rest of the pictures are taken in such a way that there's no distinguishing surroundings.

England is an's bound to have beaches. That Nativity scene could be anywhere! Something about the camel's picture just doesn't seem real, same thing with the pictures of the backpackers...the background just seems so in-focus for a busy street.
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  12:47 PM
I just want to say that all the photos are real and I know as my ex girlfriend and I took them..... or by my parents... and I didn't feel guilty about them thats not the reason why I took them back.... the plan was the same from the begining.... to take them all over the world and take photos of Larry and Sean in exciting places..... I only got as far as Ireland(The photos didn't come out very good as it was always raining) and India.... and it was really hard traveling with two plywood cut out sheep on the back of your backpacks while bording trains as the doors were not wide enough to get through.... and as its in India the train doesn't always fully stop when ariving at stations and you would have to jump on..... but it was a laugh and we had lots of fun and many strange looks from other travelers...... if you don't believe me then you can ask my friends on myspace.... this is my myspace address
Posted by Joe Claydon  on  Tue May 29, 2007  at  02:13 PM
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