Romance author Jessica Blair is really elderly grandfather Bill Spence

I actually find it more surprising that he's still cranking out books at the age of 89 than that he's using a female pen name. Good for him! It's inspiring!

Bills and boon! 'Female' romance author Jessica Blair unmasked as 89-year-old grandfather
Daily Mail

The grandfather from Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, was told his books would need to be printed under a feminine moniker if he wanted them to sell - and so his pseudonym Jessica Blair was born. Bill, 89, has so far written 22 romance novels under the female pen name since his first was published in 1993, with his latest, Silence of the Snow, due out this week.

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Posted on Mon Feb 11, 2013


His website makes it quite clear as well, not really occluded.
Posted by Mr R  on  Tue Feb 12, 2013  at  01:53 AM
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