Rejection Hotline

If someone asks for your phone number and you don't want to give it to them, get rid of them discreetly by giving them the number for the rejection hotline. They'll think it's your number until they dial it up and hear this prerecorded message: "The person who gave you this number obviously did not want you to have their real number. Maybe you're just not this person's type.... This could mean short, fat, ugly, dumb, annoying, arrogant or just a general loser. Maybe you suffer from bad breath, body odor or even both. Maybe you just give off that creepy, overbearing, psycho-stalker vibe. Maybe the idea of going out with you just seems as appealing as playing leapfrog with unicorns." In LA the number is (310) 217-7638. (From LA Times article... Requires registration). Check out the website of the Rejection Hotline to find the number to call in your city. They also provide phony business cards.


Posted on Tue Sep 10, 2002


They have one of those in my city too. I've given it out quite a few times. It's hosted by a local radio show.
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  11:46 AM
I heard this on CNN.
Posted by Dany  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  05:17 PM
:wow: i got rejected
Posted by amy  on  Sun Jul 17, 2005  at  01:16 AM
%-P im a loser i got rejected by the hotline boohoo!!!
Posted by tabitha  on  Sun Jul 17, 2005  at  01:19 AM
is there a number for australia?
Posted by liz  on  Wed Sep 14, 2005  at  08:44 PM
i got rejected by my friends mom
Posted by kenny  on  Sun Sep 18, 2005  at  10:30 PM
yeah i want an aussie number
Posted by luke  on  Sat Oct 29, 2005  at  04:32 AM
wats this shit about
Posted by EsTeLLe  on  Mon Dec 12, 2005  at  05:10 PM
hay wen do they get a rejecttion hotline in australia come on we can't give and american number it will be to obvious it's a american 1

plz make 1 for australia and our states capitols and territotries(citys)
Posted by savannah  on  Fri Dec 16, 2005  at  01:11 AM
i luv to listen to this it is hilarious so my friends like it too!! i also got rejected by the hotline i want other hotline numbers does any 1 know one?
Posted by Betsy  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  06:02 PM
The email is

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Yo Momma  on  Mon Apr 10, 2006  at  08:49 PM
My boyfriend jeremy broke up wit me bec one of my friends told him that i was and now he wont even talk to me
Posted by Amanda  on  Sat Apr 15, 2006  at  11:08 PM
hey do yall have a number for n.c.
Posted by Krakerjak  on  Mon Apr 17, 2006  at  08:16 PM
is there a number for Jackson,TN
Posted by Dontavious D. Dodd  on  Mon May 01, 2006  at  02:23 PM
D0oes cost anything if your long distants
Posted by Edna mold  on  Sun Jun 25, 2006  at  03:19 PM
:coolhmm: whats the number for the boston or providence area??
Posted by umm yeah  on  Mon Jul 03, 2006  at  09:40 PM
Do U HAve A Number for The Virgin Islands?
Posted by Keke  on  Sun Jul 09, 2006  at  08:03 PM
I know you guys have one for LA, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, but do you guys have a number for Fresno or anywhere close to Fresno?
Posted by Crystal  on  Wed Jul 12, 2006  at  02:38 AM
hey d0 u hav a numba 4 new orleans deirs dis guy dat wants my numba n i want 2 giv em da rejection hotline numba
Posted by annie  on  Wed Jul 12, 2006  at  11:23 PM
the numbers for ALL areas are on the rejection hotline website. no shit. if ur too stupid to find the site, then look it up on google
Posted by jenny  on  Sat Aug 05, 2006  at  11:40 AM
rejected! ouch, that hurt :(
Posted by joey  on  Sat Aug 05, 2006  at  11:44 AM
hahaha...this number is the SHIT!! i got rejected, but by one of my friends as a joke, gotta love this shit man.
Posted by punkrocker69  on  Wed Sep 06, 2006  at  09:25 AM
is there a number for australia come on give us one plz
Posted by davo  on  Wed Sep 27, 2006  at  04:11 AM
whats the number for tulsa?
Posted by sydney  on  Sat Oct 14, 2006  at  08:19 PM
Posted by TRACi  on  Fri Nov 17, 2006  at  07:40 PM
i want the number 4 australia
Posted by Jarryd  on  Wed Jan 10, 2007  at  08:29 AM
I'm sorry, the Number 4 Australia has already been assigned. We still have the Numbers 5 and 7 Australia available, if you're interested.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Wed Jan 10, 2007  at  09:01 AM interested
Posted by Jarryd  on  Wed Jan 10, 2007  at  07:43 PM
haha i love this shit. i reject ppl ALOT so it comes in handy.bradon & my Nesa r going 2 start using the numbers 2.
Posted by Nisha  on  Fri Mar 02, 2007  at  05:55 AM
my homeboy told me about this web site and its the best i gave it to this boy who is so ugly every time i look at him i laugh yea people he's that UGLU
i got to roll out yea
Posted by ReAnna  on  Thu Mar 08, 2007  at  08:41 AM
wat is the rejection hotline number for Florida??
Posted by Someone  on  Fri Mar 09, 2007  at  08:39 PM
it was terrible, i gave the # to a kid that likes me and he was like yeah ill call,but before i gave him her sherrifs office #
cry me a river
Posted by jane meyeer  on  Tue Mar 27, 2007  at  04:59 PM
is there a # 4 arizona????????????????
Posted by Batista  on  Fri Mar 30, 2007  at  12:57 PM
Yes Batista, there is a # 4 Arizona.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Fri Mar 30, 2007  at  01:24 PM
the number for Australia is 0419317446 its not that funny but it works
Posted by Marc  on  Mon Apr 09, 2007  at  07:05 AM
omg i got rejected more then once i hatted dat
Posted by harmeless  on  Thu Apr 12, 2007  at  08:54 AM
is there a number for australia???
i wanna reject my friends sooooooooooooooo bad!
Posted by james  on  Tue Jun 05, 2007  at  05:01 AM
whaaa my friend tricked me!!! i feel like a big loser and i was laughinf sooo hard!!! :(
Posted by miriam  on  Mon Aug 20, 2007  at  07:30 PM
i think there should loser hotline
Posted by Valentina  on  Mon Sep 03, 2007  at  12:31 PM
hey is there a numba for houston texas??
cuz some loser wants my number and i really need it cuz he dont get the hint that i dont like him!
Posted by chrissy  on  Wed Oct 03, 2007  at  08:26 PM
Just thought you should know, as a followup to your article, that RH is also being misused by boiler room credit card hacks trying to "lower your interest rates"...I am on the Do Not Call list (married father of 2 who does not go clubbing or get involved in any situation where a RH number would be necessary) and in the middle of an international call, received a recorded call from "Card Services". Miffed that this interrupted my call (and that they violated the No-Call mandate) I waited for an operator. The "rep" was evasive about giving any contact info on the company, which is required by the FCC, and when I asked for a phone number they gave me a Texas number. She then got defensive and nasty and hung up on me. Of course I wished to let a supervisor know of all this so I dialed the number right back, only to get a Rejection Hotline script read back to me. So there is a company hiding behind this "fun" product using it for possibly illegal activities. RH should have a responsibility to track who they assign phone numbers to so this kind of activity can be traced if need be, this is not a dating or social situation but a company of dubious legality operating under the smokescreen of this RH.

While RH is not directly responsible for the frustration and inconvenience I experienced, their product's presence made it possible for this firm to continue safely targeting innocent consumers. This is another side to this product that people should be made aware of.
Posted by DoNotCall  on  Sat Oct 13, 2007  at  02:43 PM
There was a dude who wanted my number and I gave him the reject hotline number. He was so mad. And I laughed so hard. It was hilarious!! 😊
Posted by Krissy  on  Mon Dec 24, 2007  at  11:44 AM
There is an australian number but its not all that good... ill give you the number anyways...
0419317446- that is the australian regection number 😊 hope it helps
Posted by Jess  on  Thu Dec 27, 2007  at  04:56 PM
Posted by you need one for toronto  on  Sat Jan 19, 2008  at  05:38 PM
i cant find 1 for michigan
Posted by nathan  on  Thu Mar 27, 2008  at  04:57 PM
:-) i gave it to this boy who likes me
Posted by emma  on  Wed May 21, 2008  at  01:22 PM
:-) :lol: very fun i gave it to all the geeks or nerd who like me or try to ask me out
Posted by jenny  on  Tue Dec 30, 2008  at  02:26 PM
:cheese: 💋 whats the number in toledo ohio lucas county
Posted by brittny  on  Wed Jan 07, 2009  at  09:12 AM
y dont they have one for the aussies those pusseys
Posted by some one  on  Thu Jan 22, 2009  at  05:20 AM
does anybody know the reject hotline number for Gympie Australia??? :gulp: really need it!!!
Posted by bec  on  Tue May 19, 2009  at  03:25 PM
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