Real-Life Truman Show

According to the Guardian, RTL2 TV in Germany is constructing an entire fake town outside of Hamburg which will provide the setting for their version of the Big Brother Reality TV show. It'll be just like a real-life version of The Truman Show. Residents of the artificial town will be filmed 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In addition, fans of the show will be able to visit the town "to see the residents just as if they were visiting a zoo." The German broadcasters say that the only difference between the premise of The Truman Show and their planned show, is that in their show "contestants will be willing participants in this next-generation leap into voyeurism." Then, in the next breath, they say, "We hope couples will get pregnant and family groups will interact with all the usual family frictions." So if a couple gets pregnant, will the child be given any choice about whether it wants to grow up monitored by TV viewers 24 hours a day?

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Posted on Mon Oct 25, 2004


I think this is sick. By the way -- I am German, too. 😊
Posted by Walter  on  Tue Oct 26, 2004  at  02:44 PM
I'm from Holland..
Big Brother died here, thank you.
But i've heard of this new version.
Two german people who where in love and thrown out of the previous german version want to go in!

That's what I got from the gossip pages....
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Oct 26, 2004  at  04:40 PM
My sex education may have been a bit spotty, but I had the impression that only the woman gets pregnant in the average couple.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Tue Oct 26, 2004  at  06:29 PM
So....Big Gary C., You think this thing is okay??
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Oct 26, 2004  at  06:42 PM
Which thing, Paul? Women getting pregnant, men getting pregnant, or both? When it comes to any of those, I'm a fervent advocate of contraception.
If you're asking about that stupid TV show, I think watching real people on TV 24 hours a day would be about as interesting as watching metal rust.
But that's what I think about most TV shows. I haven't had a television set since 1989.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Wed Oct 27, 2004  at  05:56 PM
Here in Israel we had a Truman-like show, "The Steve Show". It revolved around one ordinary guy, that some events in his life were controlled. This could be done because *everyone* around him was involved: his family, girlfriend (and her family), friends, co-workers, neighbours etc.

Before the show he was a struggling actor who couldn't get jobs, so the show was documenting his "sudden" success, getting commercials and soap-opera roles. He also had a (fake) romance with a real celebrity here. They put cameras everywhere: at his house, the clothes of people who met him, at work... The show was taped before it aired obviously. If it was an on-going show, Steve would find out. I think it lasted 3 months.

It was only a mild success here. I think this is because many (including myself) found it hard to believe that such a huge operation could be carried out without Steve's knowledge and collaboration. But who knows?

And I bet you can guess Steve's situation today: A struggling actor.
Posted by Isaac  on  Thu Oct 28, 2004  at  06:27 AM
ooh, they are crazy! I dislike it (
Posted by John  on  Wed Jul 27, 2005  at  09:49 AM
This is silly, how much of a boring life do you have to live that you have to watch someone elses.
Posted by Molly  on  Mon Aug 08, 2005  at  02:05 AM
I would love this!!!

Although id prefer it if the people in it, were just like the truman show, and had no idea.

But you cant get everything. :(

Pitty i dont get that channel here in Scotland, sucks.
Posted by David  on  Thu Aug 25, 2005  at  07:00 PM
To heck if they have kids, I want to watch the conception.
Posted by Lounge Lizard  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  05:27 PM
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