Rad Monkey Electric Cowbells

Rad Monkey™ are the creators of the electric cowbell:

Nothing can be more disheartening for the modern cowbellist than to find the sound of his instrument drowned out by the overpowering volume of today's electric guitars and drums. That sweet tone -- crafted and refined through hard work -- is lost in the din before it ever reaches the audience.
Cowbellists around the world are turning to Rad Monkey™ Electric Cowbells to level the playing field. The Rad Monkey™ XLM500's active pickup provides ear-drum splitting power, allowing your cowbell to cut through any sonic onslaught. Anywhere. Anytime.

I'm assuming this is a hoax (the fact that the only thing it's possible to buy through their site is a t-shirt is a giveaway). I'm guessing it's a reference to the 'More Cowbell' Saturday Night Live skit in which Christopher Walken played a record producer helping Blue Oyster Cult to produce their song "Don't Fear the Reaper". (via Red Ferret)

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Posted on Wed Jul 27, 2005


I came to the same conclusion--that the Electric Cowbell was a hoax--when I read that, although it has buttons on it, you still apparently have to hit it with a stick to "play" it.

Nice Photoshop job on the cowbell though.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Jul 28, 2005  at  02:36 AM
God I love that SNL skit! It was hilarious. 'More cow bell, we need more cow bell!'
Posted by Nettie  on  Thu Jul 28, 2005  at  03:18 AM
Christopher Walken is worshipped at fark.com and "more cowbell" is a standing joke there.
Posted by Larry  on  Thu Jul 28, 2005  at  06:16 AM
Heh, the cowbell solo from Cannibal: The Musical was pretty nice.
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Thu Jul 28, 2005  at  07:53 AM
"Cowbellists around the world are turning to Rad Monkey
Posted by Chuck  on  Thu Jul 28, 2005  at  08:47 AM
It's a sendup of the traditionalist recording engineer's worst nightmare: computer-modeled instruments. Almost anything that makes noise these days is sampled or modeled and available to musicians who often naively suck up the promise of a priceless instrument contained in a $99 plug-in. Modeled drums, guitars, basses and keyboards have their place, but the real luddites of the industry gnash their teeth when anything digital passes remotely near to their discriminating ears. Some can hear the difference; others are just analog snobs.

Make fun all they want, I have a modeling guitar which I absolutely love!
Posted by ktownson  on  Fri Jul 29, 2005  at  11:19 AM
Posted by Bill  on  Sun Aug 07, 2005  at  07:54 AM
Reading this page is like watching the dissection of a frog....
Posted by mike  on  Thu Dec 13, 2007  at  07:12 PM
Its for real, I have two of them.
Posted by Dave  on  Tue Jan 01, 2008  at  09:03 AM
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