Quick Links: The Welsh Robin Hood, etc.

Was Robin Hood Welsh?
American historian claims Robin Hood was Welsh, not English. Also that his real name was Bran. "He claims Robin would not have been able to hide out in Sherwood Forest because it would have been too small and well chartered." The Nottingham City Council says: "We laugh at this suggestion."

Pastor Indicted For Faking Raffles
We've learned not to trust internet lotteries. It looks like church lotteries are going the same way: "Rev. Robert J. Ascolese... would call out the names of fictional people as grand prize winners, then pocket the money or divert it to pet charitable projects. Either way, it meant nobody had a real chance to win."

Fake John Meets Fake Cop
An undercover cop solicits a prostitute, who then (falsely) claimed to be a police officer. She even pulled out a two-way radio and asked for reinforcements. "We believe these people were going to rob people or extort money," the police said after arresting her.

Man Fakes Son's Illness By Keeping Him Thin
Michael Bradway claimed his son had cystic fibrosis and managed to raise $38,000 from sympathetic relatives. He "put the child on a severe diet to make him thin." What is wrong with the human race that it produces people like this?

Con Artists History

Posted on Mon Sep 25, 2006


Some scots (and others as well) feel that Robin Hood was actually William Wallace (Braveheart). The stories are remarkably similar.
Posted by Don  on  Mon Sep 25, 2006  at  01:16 PM
Sherwood forest was a lot bigger in 1215
Posted by Sharruma  on  Mon Sep 25, 2006  at  01:45 PM
William Wallace was Robin Hood?!?

But Mel Gibson sounds nothing like Brian Bedford.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Sep 25, 2006  at  03:41 PM
What is wrong with our schools that they would let a child go unimmunised "for religious reasons?"
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Sep 25, 2006  at  04:56 PM
Hands off our legends please! Robin Hood was William Wallace, eh? That's one of the more rediculous suggestions I have heard...
Posted by Mort  on  Tue Sep 26, 2006  at  08:37 AM
Citizen Premiere said:

"What is wrong with our schools that they would let a child go unimmunised "for religious reasons?"

Well, if the parents are Christian Scientists or members of some other strict sects, they wouldn't ALLOW their kids to be immunized, because of their beliefs. I agree that it's stupid, but in circumstances like that, the school kind of has its hands tied.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Sep 27, 2006  at  06:56 PM
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