What would you be willing to do for a brief shot at fame? Would you embarrass yourself on national TV? Of course, who wouldn't nowadays. But would you lock yourself in a lab and allow yourself to be exposed to all manner of infectious diseases? That sounds a bit dodgy, but this was the premise of the new reality TV show, Quarantine, recently advertised in the Daily Mirror. Remarkably, hundreds of people applied to be on it, and the applications are still rolling in. Thankfully the whole thing was a hoax, an experiment "to discover just how far people will go in their pursuit of fame." (Thanks, 'Ed the doc').

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Posted on Tue May 11, 2004


It's been done before: "Beat the Reaper", a 1960's Firesign Theatre bit, in which the protagonist was injected with various diseases and had to correctly guess what the disease was in order to receive the antidote.
Posted by DJ  on  Tue May 11, 2004  at  01:28 PM
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