Protection Package Senior Prank

It's prom time, and parents of seniors at Newfield High School all received a letter in the mail offering their child a free 'protection package' comprised of condoms and lubricant to help them celebrate the night in a fun, but safe, way. The letter was a prank, and a very successful one if judged by how much it managed to annoy school authorities. The School Superintendent fumed that the prank demonstrated "inexcusable and reckless behavior that diminishes every student in the senior class." I'm pretty sure that's exactly the reaction the pranksters were hoping for.


Posted on Fri Jun 11, 2004


Yeah, let's have the teens celebrate graduation by getting STDs and babies! That's the American Way!
Posted by cvirtue  on  Sun Jun 13, 2004  at  09:26 AM
Posted by danielle  on  Sat Jun 19, 2004  at  12:32 AM
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