Prairie Tumbleweed Farm

Back in 1994 Linda Katz created a website which she named the Prairie Tumbleweed Farm. At the time it was just a joke. She didn't really have a tumbleweed farm. She had dreamed it up as something to do while teaching herself web design. But it turned out that there really are people out there who want to order tumbleweeds. For instance, movie studios or people hosting wild-west parties. And they started to place orders for tumbleweeds with Linda. Now, according to Yahoo! News, Linda is earning over $40,000 a year selling tumblweeds. I find this quite inspirational, and I've been racking my brains trying to think of ways to duplicate her success. But the only idea I've been able to come up with so far is to start a San Diego Street Trash Farm. I don't think it would enjoy the same success. (Thanks to Cranky Media Guy for the link).

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Posted on Wed Nov 28, 2007


Alex, Alex, Alex. It's simple. You start a company called Sand Diego which sells actual sand from San Diego beaches.

Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Nov 29, 2007  at  01:11 AM
*laughs with Cranky & Alex at the simplicity of the scheme*
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Thu Nov 29, 2007  at  08:11 AM
The bottled water biz is big these days.
How about fresh sea water from San Diego?
Perfect for people with marine aquariums.
Of course, the shipping costs would be hellacious....
Posted by Big Gary, MoHDCiCoF  on  Thu Nov 29, 2007  at  12:02 PM
There are tumbleweeds rolling around all over the place out here. Am I missing out on a business opportunity here?
Posted by N E O  on  Thu Nov 29, 2007  at  01:15 PM
She may have been teaching herself HTML, but she surely didn't teach herself web design.
Posted by mara  on  Thu Nov 29, 2007  at  01:16 PM
"There are tumbleweeds rolling around all over the place out here. Am I missing out on a business opportunity here?"

That's what I was just thinking, NEO....we could be BANKING! Damn, here I could double my yearly income, and I'm missing out!

We suck....haha
Posted by Josh  on  Thu Nov 29, 2007  at  04:59 PM
hey nice
Posted by Maria  on  Thu Dec 06, 2007  at  08:34 PM
Fung-shei web design. Move the comments to the top to feel your inner chi.
Posted by Marya  on  Sat Apr 05, 2008  at  09:55 PM
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