Porcelain Doll Possessed by the Dead

image Someday I'm going to get tired of checking out the haunted things for sale on eBay, but not yet (I'm easily amused). So here's the latest haunted offering. It's a Porcelain Doll Possessed By the Dead. I've got to hand it to the seller. That's a spooky looking doll. And the story that accompanies it is pretty good as well.

eBay Paranormal

Posted on Tue Nov 09, 2004


Yheah, that looks terrifying, hahaha.

Maybe whoever put up the auction decided to do their own "Chucky" creation, only with their doll wearing a bunny suit.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  02:40 AM
I think I might have a haunted piece of styrofoam. Anyone interested? 😉
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  06:31 AM
I have a paperclip here at work possessed by the past-life ghost of Shirley McClain. It tells me that it used to be a nail used to crucify a criminal in ancient Rome. I see no reason to doubt it's story.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  09:31 AM
You know, that person has a load of haunted items for sale, allegedly having belonged to her great uncle.
The stories... well, I could think of better ones. They're not even *trying* to be plausible.
They're all 'they say' this, and 'supposedly' that. I dunno. I want these people to put a bit of effort into their weirdness.
And yes, I was bored enough at work to read all their auctions.
Posted by Boo  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  01:35 PM
Even more amazing is the several hundred dollars that the items have been bid up to.
Posted by Dan  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  03:01 PM
I had a great idea! They should turn eBay into a weblog by allowing people to post comments on items!
Posted by John  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  04:12 PM
Oh, my gosh, John! If eBay did that, do you think it might affect their profits, any? Good idea, though.
Posted by stork  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  10:02 PM
Another one - different story -

Posted by Loxx  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  10:58 AM
hey loxx the item is invalid
Posted by John  on  Sat Nov 13, 2004  at  06:43 PM
That is pretty freaky, I wouldn't want that in my house...... :ahhh:
Posted by pie_jimmy  on  Tue Jan 11, 2005  at  05:54 AM
Sometimes the most innocent of things can be the most dangerous, but yes it dose look fake. :lol:
Posted by Catherine Elizabeth Bryant Wickett  on  Fri Sep 23, 2005  at  06:28 PM
Anyone remember the old "Friday the 13th: The Series" where a devil worshipping uncle sold cursed items out of a curios shop. I wonder if that gave this person the idea for selling all this haunted junk.
Posted by Lounge Lizard  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  01:32 PM
There is a haunted toy milk carton on ebay! The person getting rid of it said her daughter kept asking to get sell it in order to get rid of the "spirit of the milk". And this is a toy!
Posted by exmortisfangirl  on  Sat Feb 09, 2008  at  06:50 PM
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