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image A Swedish pop band called Rednex is up for sale on eBay for $1.5 million. An accompanying website, popbandforsale.com, details what you get when you buy the band:
The Music - the Trademark - the Band
The Tour - the Record Deals - the Web Site
The Record Releases - the Plans - the Contacts
The Contracts - the Styling - the Catalogue
(all previous hits and recordings)
And of course… ... the opportunities… ... the future...
At first I wondered whether this was even a real band, never having heard of Rednex before, but apparently it is real. On the band's website, they claim to have sold over 10 million records. Their heyday was back in 1994 when they had a hit song called Cotton Eye Joe. They never matched that success again, though they have had a few lesser hits since then.

Still, I wasn't sure if the sale offer was legitimate. The website popbandforsale.com looks extremely amateurish. Not what you'd expect if they really were courting a buyer willing to pay $1.5 million. The site even has google ads on it, because I guess they really need the few bucks they'll get from those ads, despite the money they're hoping to get from the sale. Also, the band doesn't mention the sale offer anywhere that I can find on their own website. Nevertheless, the sale has been widely reported in the news, so if the offer wasn't genuine, I assume the band would have said so by now.

The question is, is the band really worth $1.5 million? Maybe someone will think so, but I suspect the band doesn't really expect any serious offers. They've probably dreamed this up as a publicity stunt to get themselves in the news. And so far, it's worked.

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Posted on Tue May 22, 2007


I have a friend who is a Rednex fan. They are horrible though.
Posted by Slender Loris  on  Tue May 22, 2007  at  11:56 AM
I remember seeing rednex on TOTP,
and yes they were awful
Posted by Sharruma  on  Tue May 22, 2007  at  02:01 PM
I hated that song cotton eye joe...It was so annoying.
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue May 22, 2007  at  05:10 PM
They were a "one hit wonder" in Britain.

I think band for sale thing is simply a bit of marketing hype to get them talked about... hmmmm... it's worked :D
Posted by zooloo  on  Tue May 22, 2007  at  07:10 PM
Yeah, it's getting them talked about.

People are saying stuff like 'Who?', 'Huh?', and 'Oh... yeah... that song was shite, wasn't it?'

Way to go, (cotton-eye) Joe!
Posted by outeast  on  Thu May 24, 2007  at  03:29 AM
spirit of the hawk was also a big hit here in europe.. I think they are well known here.
Posted by frank  on  Sat May 26, 2007  at  06:00 AM
Hey, I kinda liked the RedNex and their "Housebilly" style - And 'Cotton Eyed Joe' reached the top five for a month or so here in NZ, as did the follow up 'The Way I Mate' before the Catholic Church dumped on it like they did with Cyndi Lauper's 'She-Bop'.

And when you consider the largest chunk of the record-buying public lives in this city where country music is illegal except under special licensed occasions, that is an acheivement.
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  10:14 PM
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