Society for the Protection of Plants

image The Society for the Protection of Plants wants you to know that cutting or injuring plants in any way is Murder. So stop mowing the lawn or walking across the grass, for crying out loud. This anti-vegetarianism ad was created by Max over at Maxigumee Land. And yes, of course, it's a spoof. He has a full gallery of these anti-vegetarianism ads. (via Adrants)

Advertising Food

Posted on Fri Jun 11, 2004


I'm not a vegetarian but I find this bit of satire insanely stupid. There are obvious reasons why the consumption of plant life is ethically different from consuming animal life. This is beyond any logical anti-vegetarianism argument (good, funny satire should at the very least point out something true and meaningful about its subject--otherwise you're just making random shit up).
Posted by Mary  on  Sat Jul 03, 2004  at  06:38 PM
I created those and I AM a vegetarian. The ads are just supposed to be weird. They're not actually trying to be anti-vegatarian.
Posted by maxigumee  on  Sat Dec 04, 2004  at  11:20 AM
I hate animals! I like slughtering them
Posted by Chris  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  07:34 AM
Helo, i am glyn. i live in blaenau and we have no plants or meat (other than human) so we have had to eat slates for over 4 centuries now. we also liquidate the slates to drink. so, i dont understand all this about plants... who are they?
Posted by Glyn Wise  on  Tue Jan 17, 2006  at  05:51 AM
OMG! is that glyn off big brother?
Posted by Chris  on  Sun Jun 18, 2006  at  12:30 PM
OMG it must be! glyn to win!
Posted by Adam  on  Mon Jul 10, 2006  at  10:36 AM
Gyn Wise Rocks!
Posted by Christian  on  Sat Jan 27, 2007  at  03:37 PM
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