Pilgrims Flock to Manoppello’s Shrine

Promoters of the Manoppello Image are hoping that it's soon going to be as popular as the Shroud of Turin. Like the Shroud, it's supposedly the actual face of Jesus miraculously imprinted onto a piece of cloth.

But I see a problem with their plan. The Shroud of Turin, say what you will about it, genuinely looks mysterious and creepy. But the Manoppello Image just looks like a bad painting.
U.S. Pilgrims Flock to Manoppello’s Shrine After Benedict XVI Visit
National Catholic Register

Pilgrims have flocked to see an image debated to be the veil of Veronica, the resurrection cloth of Christ or a centuries-old hoax...

Some believe the image is the storied "veil of Veronica," the cloth Veronica in the Gospel used to dry Christ's face as he carried the cross to his crucifixion. Others say it is the "Resurrection cloth," a sudarium that covered Christ's face in the tomb. Still others take it as a centuries-old hoax.
What is certain is that none of them can prove how the image — which is present on a fine mussel-silk cloth without the use of any pigments — was created.
Paul Badde, the German author of The Face of God, is convinced that the image is the one and only "Holy Sudarium," the "napkin" from Christ's sepulcher that St. John refers to in his Gospel. In revealing Christ's face at the moment of the Resurrection, he calls it "the first and authentic page of all the Gospels."


Posted on Fri Jan 31, 2014


Indeed, it looks like a bad painting - one with some rather blatant amateur-mistakes even, regarding anatomy. If it were genuine then ''Christ'' apparently had barely any forehead and a rather off-center mouth at the time of his resurrection.
Posted by Cliodna  on  Sat Feb 01, 2014  at  03:27 AM
That Spanish lady at it again? ;-p
Posted by LaMa  on  Mon Feb 03, 2014  at  01:49 AM
Its a fake and a disgrace. I am the experimental photographer who discovered the real Veronica Veil in 2011 when I processed the Veronica held in Rome and the hidden encoded alive face of Christ was revealed as a second negative image identical to the Shroud of Turin. My discovery is documented in the New World Encyclopedia article Veil of Veronica google the Real Veronica Veil thankyou Vincent Ruello
Posted by Vincent Ruello  on  Sat Feb 06, 2016  at  02:53 AM
How can two veils exist and be used as a sacred objects at the same time? The whole concept is absurd and one bad apple does ruin the bunch. If one is not authentic they both most likely are not. Its all about the shrine and generating cash. Shame on the Roman Catholic Church!
Posted by Pastor Greg Boyle  on  Mon Feb 08, 2016  at  01:45 PM
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