Pareidolia Roundup: August 2008

It's time for the monthly pareidolia roundup:

Toronto Virgin Mary
Christopher Moreau was having a beer in his garden, when he realized that scarring on a tree limb in his yard looked kind of like the Virgin Mary. His neighbor is a bit skeptical, but doesn't really care as long as the religious sightseers stay out of her yard.

JC in Cell Phone
Pensacola resident Linda Square thinks an image stored on her cell phone shows her in silhouette with Jesus Christ beside her. She swears that no one sent her the photo, and she didn't take it herself. The phone created it! Congratulations to anyone who can see ANYTHING in this image.

Jesus Wood
Nadine Ostroff calls this round slab of sycamore her "Jesus Wood." She's had it for 12 years but only recently decided to go public with it. Back then people might have thought her a bit odd for having a Jesus Wood, but nowadays it's no big deal.

Rockwell Jesus
Members of Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Rockwell, North Carolina think there's an image of Jesus in a knot on an oak tree in front of their church.

Knotty Virgin Mary
Antonina Filipertis of Lockport, New York heard a voice in her head telling her to "Look in your tree." She did and, lo and behold, saw images of the Virgin Mary in the knotholes of the tree. She's still hearing the voices in her head. People tell her that she's blessed.

Basswood Jesus
At first David Reed of Birch Run, Michigan couldn't see the Jesus face in the tree in his front yard, though his girlfriend kept pointing it out to him. But now it's clear as day to him. He says, "If the price is right, I might be willing to part with it."

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Posted on Wed Aug 27, 2008


october 2008?
Posted by anon  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  01:58 AM
Hmm.. the toronto and the Jesus wood ones are actually some of the better ones I've seen.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  04:35 AM
Well, I can see something vaguely face-like in the second photo.

The Basswood Jesus? Nada. Looks like a tree stump to me.

And yeah, Toronto & Jesus Wood are good. Rather blatantly obvious. 😊
Posted by Smerk  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  05:52 AM
Full of grace, full of grace.
Posted by Memama  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  05:54 AM
I'd like to offer this one of the FSM taken by a local pastafarian at a 4th of July fireworks display this summer:

Posted by JoeDaJuggler  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  07:51 AM
anon -- Oops! Corrected.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  08:39 AM
The Toronto one looks more like Death then Mary to me.
Posted by Suki  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  11:37 AM
Where do you hear voices, if not in your head?
Posted by JayBee  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  11:48 AM
Jesus wood looks too phony... Looks like it was burned into that wood with a soldering iron. Must be the reason most of these whack-jobs submit such crappy photos when announcing their "find" - it leaves a "doubt" in the minds of the suckers willing to fall for this .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Posted by Christopher  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  04:01 PM
I duno, Christopher. If I were trying to fake a Jesus Wood, I don't think I'd give Jesus three arms and one and a half heads, as in the one Ms. Ostroff has. 😏
Posted by Big Gary  on  Fri Aug 29, 2008  at  11:19 AM
I dunno either, Big Gary... Perhaps Jesus Wood is meant to simulate animation or something, ya' know, kinda like what they do in the comic strips;0)
Posted by Christopher  on  Sat Aug 30, 2008  at  06:20 AM
Is it just me, or is that Basswood Jesus more like the face of a lion?

And if so, should I claim that Aslan lives, or get in the car?
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Sat Aug 30, 2008  at  08:38 PM
The jesus from the cell phone looks like a dog with a flashlight behind it...
Posted by hfrr  on  Mon Oct 27, 2008  at  07:47 AM
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