Panic Buy Carrots

On May 15th thousands of people around the world went to their local grocery store to panic buy carrots. They were members of the facebook group called "On May 15th 2008, everybody needs to go out and panic buy carrots." From

What started out as a prank Facebook group called "On May 15th 2008, everybody needs to go out and panic buy carrots," with just a handful of the creator's friends as members, has exploded online and now has 231,000 worldwide supporters on the popular social networking site. British teen Freya Valentine, the creator of the group, admits the response has overwhelmed her. "It started off as a joke between a couple of friends, so we were surprised when we got 40 members, but it kept going up and up and now everybody seems to know about it. It's mad," she said in an e-mail interview. "All I can say is I never knew that the group would get to this size, and I hope that the carrots don't get wasted and they're actually used,"Valentine said.

The group created a website: It's now almost a week later, and some members of the group are talking about whether May 15th should be turned into an annual Panic Buy Carrots Day. Others are trying to figure out what to do with all the carrots they bought. My vote would be carrot cake. Lots of it.

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Posted on Tue May 20, 2008


Sunset magazine from April has an excellent carmelized carrot risotto.
Posted by Mark Crislip  on  Tue May 20, 2008  at  10:40 PM
Ick, carrot cake? 😛 I want carrots and dip!
Posted by Sakano  on  Wed May 21, 2008  at  05:03 PM
I, too, hope the carrots don't get wasted.
Carrot soup is very nice.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed May 21, 2008  at  05:14 PM
I suggest a panic buy run on panic buttons... I bought in bulk, knowing the fit's gonna hit the shan any day now. Actually, a panic buy run on my book "Eat or Go Home" would be cool... hurry, OMG, they're almost sold out, quick, before that fat bastard in line ahead of you gets one, before that weasely looking neighbor of yours buys them all... you know who I mean, the guy with the garage full of rice
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed May 21, 2008  at  06:00 PM
Panic buying - how old-fashioned. Anyone else remember Dear Abby and the toilet paper run?
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon May 26, 2008  at  03:20 PM
Did it! Carrots, carrots batons, grated carrot - and by the end of the day, my local Asda had run very short of carrots.
Posted by Nona  on  Tue May 27, 2008  at  05:51 AM
Who is Dear Abby? There was a loo roll (as we call it) famine in 1972 or 73 here in the UK which was sparked by a rumour that there was a supply problem. The panic spread to Kleenex and kitchen roll.... Fizzled out before it got to medium-grit sandpaper, though.
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Sun Jun 01, 2008  at  03:22 PM
Posted by Sakano  on  Sun Jun 01, 2008  at  10:04 PM
Ah yes I remeber it well-the London loo paper debacle of 72!lol all phone books dissapeared too!Sugar was next -became like gold dust and if you were a regular customer it was given to you from under the counter!Honey did very well too.This was bought on by dock strikes`as far as I can remember.I quite enjoyed the challenge of it all!
Posted by sheila roach  on  Mon Oct 27, 2008  at  02:56 PM
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