Orange Forest: real or photoshopped?

Without knowing the context, I would have guessed this picture had been digitally manipulated in some way. But it turns out it wasn't. NPR explains:
it's a single image from a single place and time — the hills of western Hungary, six months after a devastating industrial accident.
In late 2010, the waste reservoir of a Hungarian aluminum oxide plant burst, releasing millions and millions of gallons of caustic red sludge. The meter-high toxic mudslide quickly moved downhill through two nearby villages, burying buildings, poisoning fields and killing 10 people.
Soldiers and volunteers shoveled the muck into trucks and hosed down the streets, but where the sludge had been, every surface was stained red.

The photo was taken by photographer Palindromo Meszaros.


Posted on Wed Jul 25, 2012


if it not manipulated, then why some trees are not orange?
Posted by jason  on  Thu Jul 26, 2012  at  03:34 PM
There is a remarkable satellite photo of the tragedy too, as seen here...
Posted by kam  on  Fri Jul 27, 2012  at  01:01 AM
Posted by Rich  on  Thu Oct 11, 2012  at  05:09 AM
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