Oldest Cat in the World?

image My cat is approaching 11. But Diane Sleeman's cat, Amber, is approaching 30. Or so Sleeman claims. If true, Amber would be the oldest cat in the world. However, Amber is missing most of her teeth, so researchers have no way to verify her age. I'd like to believe this is true, but it's a little hard to swallow. A 30-year-old cat would be like the equivalent of a 140-year-old person.


Posted on Wed Feb 23, 2005


our cat is 18 and he just died last night my dad got him for my mom he was a stry cat and he would have been 19 in feb.he has been my cat all my life!
Posted by huffman family  on  Thu Jun 14, 2007  at  06:17 AM
My cat, Whiskey, turned 23 on February 14, 2007. She isn't doing as well as she has, but at 23, she's doing quite well. She loves to cuddle up with me when I'm on the couch. She has given me so much comfort these 23 years and I hope every day she can be with me longer. I know she is winding down, but this time with her is very special ... for both of us. Every vet she's been to has said the same thing: good care, spaying and a caring environment will prolong your pet's life. I've been very lucky with my friend!
Posted by anna  on  Wed Jun 20, 2007  at  05:19 PM
I have a cat, which I adopted, and who has been "tossed from pillar to post," as the saying goes...She originally belonged to a young girl who had her for 10-15 years. The young girl eventually went away to college and her mother was left with the cat, who promptly had her declawed and then stuck her in the basement and ignored her. My sister took her because she felt the woman disliked the cat and was neglecting her (the cat is very "needy" and wants to be petted continually, although she does NOT like to be picked up). She will sit in laps, but only if she jumps there - not if she is placed there.

At any rate...my sister, Terry, had the cat for a couple of years and ended up giving her to my other sister, Nancy, who had her for about 5 years. Then, Nancy sold her house and could not take the cat with her, so she asked me to take her (I am so glad I did). I have had her for over 10 years. She is a wonderful cat, VERY intelligent - just wants to be scratched about her head all the time! Also, now she is deaf as a doornail (whatever that is), but she seems to read lips.

She, just in the past few days, has developed a raspy purr with heavy breathing and I fear she is not long for this world.

The fact of the matter is, that with her age, I have felt for a long time that I might come home and find her curled up in a ball, dead.

Fortunately, she has lived a long life, and at least happy the last 15 years or so, even if the first few years weren't so happy....
Posted by Susan  on  Wed Sep 19, 2007  at  02:10 AM
My cat is 20... he seriously is like indestructable... my 9 year old brother swings him upside down and never listens when we say stop, and still the cats in perfect condition. I dont get it lol
Posted by Caitlin  on  Fri Sep 28, 2007  at  04:12 PM
Caitlin, Now that your cat is 20 I doubt he is indestructable so you really need to make sure your brother no longer swings him upside down. I realize he is only 9 but he needs to understand that what he is doing is animal cruelty and he has to stop. Can't your parents do something? Perhaps you could enlist him in your effort to have the oldest cat in world. Or you could explain to him that he could be arrested by the ASPCA police. I hope your cat makes it to 21 and beyond. Best of luck.
Posted by Nancy  on  Sun Sep 30, 2007  at  10:44 AM
Currently, my cat Alister is 18and still has all of his teeth and is FIT as a 3yr old cat. So in due time we will see.
Posted by Steve  on  Fri Oct 05, 2007  at  03:57 PM
hi everybody,

Grandao is 19 yrs old, and now , after taking vaccinations, what was a big mistake, he developed a severe gengivitis, estomatite, and (we do not know yet) posssible fibrose sarcoma.

I know he could leave much longer, I was not aware of the bad effects of vaccinations, he took
many of them in a check up few months ago, I hope I had this info before.

We are waiting for the lab exams , and I hope that
it is not cancer,

Anyway, I just discover this , and want to share,
it is common sense , take your pet for vaccination every year, but many vets says it is a mistake, in Grandao's case was. He was fine before, now we are spending thousands of dollars with vets, and he is in a lot of pain.

Please read this article, share with other pet's owners, I decided to advocate against vaccination
for older pets, on the end, pet's visit and vaccinations makes small clinics survive, don't you think?

Check this out and please pray for Grandao, he was my first cat , I do not want him to die now.


Posted by sabrina carvalho  on  Thu Oct 25, 2007  at  10:36 PM
If you want to share your experience of having an older cat, please email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Posted by sabrina carvalho  on  Thu Oct 25, 2007  at  10:43 PM
Hi Sabrina,
Sorry to hear about your cat. I've had 2 cats that lived to be 21 and 18 and died of natural causes. No problems with vaccinations. I have heard of animals developing tumors at the injection site. Perhaps when cats get real old it would be best to keep them inside and skip the vaccinations. My old cats still went out to go to the bathroom but otherwise they stayed in most of the time. I have one now who is almost 15 and she stays in 95% of the time. In a few years I can probably get a litter box and keep her inside and stop having her vaccinated. I don't have any other cats for her to catch something from so she should be fine. Maybe that would be best for old cats. I doubt veterinarians would agree. I hope your cat will be okay.

Posted by Nancy Y.  on  Sat Oct 27, 2007  at  11:01 AM
Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your words. We have now the
biopsy results ( the third one) and he has
oral cancer. They did not advise of surgery
of the big mass that he has in his jaw.

He still eating fine, but the doctor told me
that once he cannot open his mouth any more
he will stop eating and then will be the time
that I most fear.

Regarding the vaccinations and if it is related
to this cancer, I spoke with 3 vets already about
this and all of them said the samethat you'd said, it is related only if appears on the site of the shot.

I still doubt it. You know, many things science
says for sure and then changes their opinion with time. In my case I have 9 cat, do not give them yearly vaccinations and they are all fine. (they range from 10 to 16 yrs old). Grandao was taken for a regular check last nov/2006 up and after these shots he started to have the symptoms and the mass appeared.

I still think no cats should get these vaccinations, only when they are kittens
and never more, like us humans, I got a lot
of shots in my childhood and that was it!

Posted by sabrina carvalho  on  Sat Nov 03, 2007  at  11:57 AM
tell gary c in texas dated 23 feb 2005 i have a 15 year old feral cat and she still plays like a kitten shes called molly and shas really jolly from paul in chadderton england
Posted by grant lloyd  on  Tue Nov 20, 2007  at  11:36 AM
My cat did on dec.24.07
( X-mas Eve )

:-( He was 23.
Posted by Jonna  on  Thu Dec 27, 2007  at  11:06 AM
Sorry to hear you lost your baby, mine is hanging
Posted by Hello Jonna  on  Thu Dec 27, 2007  at  04:16 PM
my cat is 16 years old and he runs around like his tail is on fire if he has catnip!!!
Posted by sarah  on  Sat Jan 12, 2008  at  02:32 PM
Sorry to hear about losing your cat. Losing him on Xmas eve must have been very sad but comforting in a way. 23 years old is wonderful for a cat. You must have taken good care of him. I only have one cat now (and 3 large dogs). She is 15 years old. I got her from the animal control officer when she was about 6 months old. She had climbed up underneath a womans car at a diner and the woman drove about 3 miles shopping etc. and kept hearing her crying but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Finally when she got home she called the A.C. Officer and he climbed under the car and pulled her out. Her spine was deeply compressed in one spot so he took her to the local vet. They kept her overnight and found nothing else wrong I adopted her the next day. It took a couple of weeks for her spine to return to its normal condition. She stays in now 99% of the time which is probably best. We have a lot of coyotes in the conservation area in back of our house. I had a four year old cat that just disappeared a couple of years ago and I am afraid they got her. I hate to keep a cat inside permanently but it's the best way to keep them safe.
Posted by Nancy  on  Sun Jan 20, 2008  at  04:25 PM
Hello, my cat is 17 years old 😛 and wery healty hope he will live 4 ever i love mih <3 😊
Posted by Martin  on  Thu Feb 14, 2008  at  02:54 PM
Hello everyone

My old cat, Grandao, just died last monday, Feb/13, 6PM EST.

Even though I had cried a lot, I do realize
that as a 20 yrs old cat he had lived a lot for a cat He had a good one and will be missed and remembered forever in my heart .

I do have 8 more cats now, they are from 11 to 18 yrs old, but they look babies for me.

Posted by Sabrina  on  Thu Feb 14, 2008  at  04:59 PM
I have a cat that is 16 yrs old this year and he still gets around very well.he still plays some but not as often as when he was little. I was trying to fined out the avg life for a house cat.

ranger 486
Posted by kenneth  on  Wed Feb 27, 2008  at  01:23 AM
My cat turned 17 in March (our guess atleast). My mom brought him home from the street with 2 other kittens in 1991. The 2 that we didn't keep got sent to a shelter but alvin stayed. He now lives in our home with a 2 yr old and 4 older ones.
Posted by Robin Laker  on  Sun Apr 06, 2008  at  09:41 AM
My cat lived to be 22 1/2. She was an indoor cat, by the time she passed away she was blind and pretty much deaf, but she still made her way around the house, and loved to spend all day in someone's lap. When the tv shut off at night after the news was over,(11:30ish), she'd meow, stretch, and amble her way into the basement to her little bed, all on her own.
Posted by 4legs are best  on  Mon May 05, 2008  at  08:58 AM
my cat is 18
Posted by Josh  on  Sun Jun 01, 2008  at  09:30 PM
my cat si 16 and still living perfect
still chaces my dog around the house
he was born in 1992
Posted by tanner darnell  on  Wed Jun 04, 2008  at  07:52 PM
My family has a cat that is 16. My mom had her ever since she was a kitten.
Posted by megan  on  Sat Jun 28, 2008  at  11:16 AM
I have a cat that is 36 years she is a tabby she is a farm cat she lives out side she will be 37 aug 11 2008
Posted by elaine  on  Wed Jul 02, 2008  at  03:39 PM
I have three cats..George is the oldest going on 15 soon.. He looks great..In doors at night somtimes..but he realy likes the outside gets alot of exercise..cought a huge gofer the other day..We love hi a great deal.. 😊
Posted by KAPRICE  on  Sat Jul 19, 2008  at  10:49 PM
my cat is nearly twenty, and it seems like she still has alot of living to do
Posted by breanna  on  Sun Aug 03, 2008  at  03:43 PM
Ii totally wrong that indoor cats live longer. I have been a Vet, for 25 years and most of the older cats I see are outside, or inside outside cats.
Posted by stuart  on  Thu Oct 30, 2008  at  11:25 AM
Thats cool,i hope my cat will live that long.In June or July my cat will be 12 years old,He is a sweet cat he is very nice,and he is so big,and his fur is so soft.
Posted by I.  on  Sun Jan 18, 2009  at  08:35 PM
My BIG black cat, named TAR-BABY will be 23 in June. I know the age because I was there for the birth. I took photos and made a video the following Christmas. I thought he was old until I checked the web. He has no health problems, so who knows.
Posted by Steve  on  Fri Jan 23, 2009  at  02:35 AM
My cat B.C. is 21-25 years old. My cousin got him when he was 3-7 years old, and that was about 18 years ago. He is still alive, and doing relatively well. He is an all black cat and really loves people (except for children). We see him living for quite a few more years. Its almost to say we joke about him living forever really he is seriously old. He started out as a outside/inside cat but around 8 years ago he started going blind, now he is totally blind and can no longer go outside but he still enjoys life.
Posted by Krissy  on  Fri Jan 30, 2009  at  07:08 PM
My cat Susie was born in the Spring of 1986, and she has cancer, about to expire here at home. She will/is 23 years old this Spring 2009.

My mom found Susie in a foyer at a Walmart in Fort Stockton, Texas. My mother passed away in 2003, my dad in 2005 and i inherited Susie.

She has been a very healthy cat until about a month ago and very striking. Totally gray in color and she was a very large cat.

It will be sad to say goodbye to her. I don't expect her to last more than a day or so. Fortunately, she is in no pain, just has not eaten in several days and will not even drink milk.
Posted by Roy  on  Sun Mar 22, 2009  at  06:23 PM
She is happy to had you on her side now and your
parents before. Stay on her side till the end
she will have you on her heart when she goes and she will be there for you forever as well.
I'm very sorry , I lost Grandao (19) back in feb/2008 and Louro (17) May/2008 - Grandao I took to the vet , he was unconscious and they put him to sleep after hours of agony. I regret that, we could just wait for the time to come. With Louro was like you said, he stopped eating and kept quiet and 01 day after he colapsed, my bf saw his last breath, was a better way to go, I hold him and get him to his favorite place after he died, we had our moment together. We have our beloved animals for so long because we love them very much, that is why they get through and stay with us for so many years.
Posted by Sabrina  on  Mon Mar 23, 2009  at  12:20 PM

Thanks for the note. This is killing me... And I'm a Vietnam Vet (volunteer) just staying at home watching Susie on the front porch wither away... I might simply take her to the vet to finalize this, but she isn't in any pain... Still not decided, but watching a favorite pet fade like this is tough, especially when the cat belonged to my folks.
Posted by Roy  on  Tue Mar 24, 2009  at  11:55 AM
My last cat made it to about 20 years old, at least, maybe a little older.
Posted by Cat Lover  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  08:39 PM
my cat sweetie is old.she has lost her sight and has all teeth .she is skinny and wont eat soft food and she hardley ever drinks the milk .we have to force feed her with a seringe.she is going to die soon or not?she has drifted out of every thing else.she had a thing in her movth and she did not want to eat.and i dont know what it was but it went away. my mother said sweetie is going to die soon when she sooped eating the first time and its ben almost a yearand now is she?is this the end to the first cat i ever saw?
Posted by nieka  on  Thu Aug 13, 2009  at  12:57 AM
I have a cat named Tessa I got her from a Farm and Ranch store in Winnemucca, Nevada in June of 1996 and she is still going strong. So currently she is 13 years old. Lays down occasionally to eat or drink, but wants her daily vitamin.
Posted by bland  on  Thu Sep 03, 2009  at  01:49 PM
Actually.. the world record for the oldest living cat is 38 yrs old. held by a feline named cream puff who died in 2002 i believe. Guiness book Of world records.
Posted by Joe  on  Thu Oct 22, 2009  at  06:44 PM
Our cat is 24 yrs old. Has not had needles since she was 10 and drinks Whiskas Cat Milk every day.
Posted by Tracey  on  Mon Oct 26, 2009  at  08:33 PM
I just had a cat pass away and she was 25 and 4 months. It was just devastating. I got her when she was 6 weeks old and have had her since then.
Posted by CINDY DRESSLER  on  Mon Nov 09, 2009  at  12:08 PM
our cat is 35yrs old in june her name is babe
Posted by Jim Adam  on  Sat Feb 06, 2010  at  12:15 PM
i reported yeesterday that our female cat babe was 35yrs old i was wrong she will be 34 in june
Posted by Jim Adam  on  Sun Feb 07, 2010  at  02:35 PM
You are so lucky to have the babe for that period of time. However, due to all things Babe will pass on some day. Please prepare yourself ahead of time. I did not do this as I thought my cat, Patch, was going to live on and on. The good times are so special to you and the amount of love you have put out to Babe is also. After Babe passes you will have the hardest time in your life as you think of the cat at the window looking out to see you and is not there. The purring, meowing, cuddling ect is so precious. Please tell her you love her everyday as now I realize such a special gift you are given and when it is gone, it is gone forever and memories are all that is left. My thoughts go with you and Babe as you travel through life together. Cindy
Posted by Cindy Dressler  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  11:53 AM
Hello, My name is Susie. I have a 18 year old cat name Sam. She is my friend, my pet, my baby and cant bare the thought of losing her...yet her body is changing right in front of me and I am trying to accomodate her the best I can but dont know how to in many ways. She is half Hemi & half Siamese. She is marked just beautifully with Sealpoint markings roundface, white socks, Hemi attitude. She thinks the house is hers, allows us to live in it. We love her to pieces, she is so smart, knows exactly what you are saying to her, chooses to hear what she wants to though. Problems that are coming with age, she is losing her bottom teeth, all gone on bottom but large ones. So began to feed her soft canned food, she is getting diarhea, throwing up alot now? Is this suppose to happen? Can I do anything about it? She is acting afraid of the dark at night and beginning to poop in my room during the night which is not making me happy along with making my house smell, again not making me happy, any suggestions? I bought her a small litter box just for night accidents but do not want her to begin thinking ok then that is what i will do every night. Smell makes me ill. I have 2 other cats who will try to use it. She is really demanding every morning when I get up, is this her age? She is trying to go outside now, where before she never tried, something new? Can you tell me is this all part of getting older and what all else should I expect?
Posted by Susie  on  Thu Mar 11, 2010  at  05:16 PM
It has been my experience that you want to avoid rich foods for your cat like fish and beef that cause diarrhea. For the diarrhea issue you may wish to try pepto bismal (one teaspoon) and dilute it with water and put it in a syringe and squirt it into the cat's mouth. This will avoid the issue of diarrhea and makes them very happy afterwards but not while taking it. You may wish to try vasiline for hairballs they may have trouble passing or upset stomaches. You may also wish to try baby food but only in chicken and turkey pureed meats only. Most stores do carry this. I would feed it to mine and she loved it. I would give it to her in the morning and her other food after that. Try to avoid chucky cat food if possible because of few teeth they can't chew it and might toss their cookies. They sleep a lot and have a tendency to be cold so you might want to find a blanket they enjoy and cover them with it. It took me 7 blankets before my cat found the one she liked best. I had the same kind of cat, head of the household and we just existed there. They get lonely a lot faster and might decide to attach them to you at all times. Mine started to get a touch of alzheimers at 23. She would walk around and forget where she was going or would stand in one place and finally squeek. You would then pick her up and hold her for about 5 minutes and then she was off on her own again. If she was never outside before, be careful about that as she doesn't know what to experience when they are out there. They are just as curious when older as when younger and try to relive the kitten in them. Mine tried to pounce like a kitten and I would laugh every time. This was due to the fact that as a kitten she could pounce in about 5 seconds and as an older cat they have to prepare to pounce and their bodies don't react as fast and it would take her about 30 minutes to pounce and it was so funny to watch her prepare her legs and stare at her prey but took her time to pounce. The bladder is the important part to keep an eye on as they get older. Mine would hold it and sometimes you would have to give a gettle squeeze on her so she would pee as she would forget that she was going that way to the litter box and turn around and go back to her chair and go to sleep. Then she couldn't figure out why her belly hurt so we took her to the litter box and told her why she was there and then would go on her own most times. Cindy
Posted by Cindy Dressler  on  Fri Mar 12, 2010  at  11:51 AM
my cat is going to be 27 on 5/10/10 and hoping to beat the record, this was proven by scientist.

my cat has all of her teeth surprisingly
Posted by jake  on  Fri May 07, 2010  at  09:32 PM
we now believe we have the oldest in the world our female cat babe is going to be 35 June 15th this yr
Posted by jimadam  on  Sun May 09, 2010  at  05:04 PM
My cat Gato just turned 19 in April. He had a stroke 2 yrs ago his balance is off, he has allergies to some foods (but has always had them), doesn't like to use the litter box when an unfixed female cat is in the house. , but other than that he is fine! You would never know he is equivalent to a 92 yr old man. Unfortunatly I probally won't be able to see how long he will live out his life. We are moving in to a low income apt. due to a forclosure and they do not accept animals and we do not have the time or money to find one that does. So I am hoping that the vet will put him down for me... cause I can NOT put him in a shelter/pound cause they will put him down and I won't be there for him when this happens. I really need to be there since I have had him since I was 16 he is my walking, living, breathing diary! I need to bury him somewhere where I can still tell all my thoughts, dreams and what nots to him!
Posted by Michelle  on  Tue Jul 13, 2010  at  08:13 PM
before I was born my mum had a white Persian cat.it lived to the age of 24-26 years and there's proof.now im 8 and i have another smoke toity [all the different colours]who is 6 and will soon be 7.at the moment she has 4 cute 3 week old kittens.
2 years ago she gave birth to 8 kittens!we decided to keep a ginger one called ridjik[meaning ginger in Russian].
Posted by eirys  on  Tue May 24, 2011  at  12:51 PM
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