Night-Vision Contact Lenses

image CIO Magazine has a little blurb about these night-vision contact lenses available for a mere $300 from Phoenix Sight (scroll down to find the listing). They're powered by blinking your eyes. But actually, there is no such company as Phoenix Sight, so don't go asking your optician for these just yet. The source of this wild-eyed invention is a Design Challenge sponsored by Popular Science and Core77. The relevant entry is here. The description notes that to get the contacts to work, even in theory, you'd first have to rub neodymium-iron-boron gel in your eyes, which really doesn't sound very pleasant. I have no idea if the military ever has experimented with anything like this. (via Jeff's Super Happy Funtime Blog)

Update: Core77 has a pretty cool illustration of how the contacts are supposed to work.


Posted on Sun May 09, 2004


Hi im 16, and ive been thinking of ideas to make night vision as small as i can , and 1 day i typed in night vision contact lenses to see wat comes up and this site came up, so gary would you make me a pair of night vision contact lenses, and before that could you please send me some pictures please thanks hoping to hear from you asap.
Posted by charlie  on  Mon Mar 13, 2006  at  09:20 AM
Hi its me again, Gary, i would be reall really interested in buying some of your night vision contact lenses, how much you sell me a pair for,
please please write back thanks.
Posted by Charlie Breen  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  09:08 AM
ok, so thearetically speaking, if you had these things in and some jerk shined you in the eyes with a flash light, or, you have a special opps mission during a lightning storm, you'd be temporarily (if not longer) blind. you couldnt rip these things out real quick like you could regular nvg's. the idea is great but they'd need something to shield from light attacks. so. howbout reflective sunglasses, they have mirrors that you can see one way, like in interigation rooms and such, so if you could make sunglasses that could allow you to see with these special contacts, and would reflect too much light, so they would only alow a certain amount of light in, this might be avoided. but. if you go to that much trouble why not make night vision sunglasses " ".
Posted by stephen  on  Tue Mar 27, 2007  at  09:28 PM
If you can please, can you send me a price for these and a full explanation so i can show my dad. Tanx. you can send it to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Saul  on  Thu Nov 22, 2007  at  11:18 PM
Greetings, my name is Santiago, I am sixteen, and I have a comment to make on the subject being discussed. From my perspective, I think that this was an excellent idea. The military already has such technology and has had it for quite some time. I doubt that their feeble little brains can't come up with something such as contacts that allow the user to see in the dark, if they are capable of making bionic suits, and nuclear weapons. This type of technology has been around for quite some time I imagine, we are just now being introduced to it. These sort of contacts almost seem to have relation to the bionic contacts that were introduce in February of 2008. From what I have researched, these bionic contacts can allow the individual wearing them to zoom into objects at great distances, see in the dark(aka night vision)and access certain features from their pc, such as the internet. From what I have seen, the reactions of the general public are absolutely shocked at such an item being developed, and frankly I think that is hilarious. I have some news for them! If they think that this is so futuristic, then they should subscribe to Popular Science magazine! Then we could listen to their amazed gasps and shrieks from miles around. No but seriously, I think that if any one could truly benefit from these contacts if would have to be the military, law enforcement, and the occasional gadget freak who tries to buy such technology as soon as it they hear about it. I on the other hand will not touch such an object untill it is tested, but not by animals! Lets see them put these objects on real people for a change! I am absolutely flabberghasted that the developers of the bionic contact actually tested their products on rabbits. It does make sense to use rabbits of course though, because they are said to have the most sensitive eyes. But I mean come on, find some other alternative to testing your stupid technology. That is all I have to say, Thanks!
Posted by Santiago  on  Thu Mar 06, 2008  at  11:38 AM
:-) hey i'm kim and i'm 16. could i please have a pair of those contact lens please? also, please e-mail me once you've made a pair. i'll send you the money once you've sent the contact lens to me. thanks
Posted by kim  on  Mon Feb 09, 2009  at  05:58 AM
It is possible to send the lenses all around the world?
Posted by Lens  on  Tue Jul 28, 2009  at  03:48 PM
You're a bunch of morons. DId NONE of you read the article???? It says that the company does NOT exist, so don't go asking for them. It's just a challenge put out there by two companies of the scientific community. WOW idiots
Posted by smarter than you  on  Wed Sep 23, 2009  at  12:55 PM
wow lol, amazing idea but damb u kids are dumb. if and when they come out these would be a lot of fun and 300$ would be extremely cheap, considering nvg's are much, much more. but if what you read actually translated into any sort of thought at all hopefully it sank in that these dont exist yet.
Posted by lucifer  on  Mon Nov 09, 2009  at  12:26 AM
Wow I can't believe that this page is even still up and running! My comment from a year ago is still there lol. I'm 18 now and still astonished at the fact that you sixteen year olds keep asking for night vision contacts. Its highly unlikely that anyone would make a pair for a minor in the first place and they aren't even in existence for the public yet. It was just an article and if you read it correctly that you would have been able to distinguish that the contacts are not in existence through phoenix sight. The company doesn't exist so good luck finding a pair. Besides the chemical you would have to rub in your eyes just to make the contacts work would be punishment enough along with the fear of some idiot trying to shine a light in your eye. Technically there are some very dangerous situations that could result due to these so called night vision contacts. Here come the lawsuits!!!
Posted by Santiago  on  Wed Nov 11, 2009  at  02:53 PM
hi my name is Mason and if it wouldn't be too much trouble could i possibly ask you for the information on these contacts where to order them and how much it would cost. I'll let you know (if you don't already) how well they work. thank you for your time.
Posted by Mason Bolt  on  Wed May 12, 2010  at  10:07 AM
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