New developments in afterlife communication

Some of the new developments include a device called the "soul phone," which is described as "an instrument that works like a telegraph through which people in spirit communicate."

Also learn how to communicate with the dead via regular phones: "Brazilian researcher Sonia Rinaldi... has been helping people by making phone calls to the beyond since March 2001. The majority have been for parents who have lost their children. Sonia writes, 'With this technology controlled by the Beyond, the call is not from the Beyond. They enter our terrestrial phone calls.'"

I guess that means you can talk to the dead on your iPhone. I wonder if there's an app for that?

A lot of the other stuff at the conference seems to be old-fashioned mediumship.

Death Paranormal

Posted on Sun Feb 23, 2014


"Soul Phone" sounds like a good name for an actual phone, i.e. a phone for trendy people.
Posted by Peter  on  Sun Feb 23, 2014  at  06:58 PM
I had been speaking with dead people on my phone for years until I started seeing a psychiatrist and prescribed meds. Therefore I no longer talk to dead people anymore.
Posted by Cowboy Wanker  on  Mon Aug 06, 2018  at  09:57 PM
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