How Will Nessie Vote?

Today Scotland votes on whether or not to remain part of the United Kingdom. And as Scotland's most famous resident, Nessie's views on this matter have become a contentious issue. People on both sides of the debate are claiming that Nessie supports their position.

For instance, on September 12, camera-maker Autographer, tweeted that one of their cameras, set up to take automatic, time-lapse photos on the shore of England's Lake Windermere, had captured an image of something that "looks like the Loch Ness Monster." The company speculated that perhaps Nessie had "gone in search of new digs." The British tabloid press ran with this, claiming that Nessie had "voted No" and left Scotland for England.

As voting day has approached, both sides have been weighing in with claims of Nessie's endorsement.


Posted on Thu Sep 18, 2014


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