Way back when -- almost four years ago -- I posted a brief entry about a doctor who was providing people with fake doctor notes. I titled the entry "Fake Doctor Notes," and soon, for some reason, that post became the number one result on google for the keywords "fake doctor notes." As a result, the comments began to fill with people asking me to provide them with fake notes. This went on for years. I'm sure the moderators remember it well. It only ended when we finally disabled commenting for that post, after the comments had grown to 46 pages and 911 comments in total.

I assumed that it would be illegal to actually provide people with fake doctor notes, but here's a site that's doing exactly that: The site claims that, for only $24.95, it will provide you with a fake excuse saying that you've been at a doctor or a dentist's appointment, been to the emergency room, had jury duty, or been at a funeral. (I wonder who the note comes from in the case of a funeral? From the funeral director?) It looks like what you get for this money is a Word template formatted to look like an official note. For that amount of money, I think it would be a lot easier simply to create your own fake note in Word.

The site blatantly states that you can use these notes to get out of work or school, but then at the bottom of the page, in very small print, it says "For Entertainment Use Only." I'm guessing this is their legal cover for an otherwise shady operation. has an article about a woman from New Jersey who tried to use an excuse provided by to explain why she failed to show up for traffic court. The court spotted the note as a fake, and is now considering filing contempt charges against her.

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Posted on Thu May 31, 2007



I just hope that whole saga doesn't start up again...
Posted by Nettie  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  05:29 AM
It better not start up again...
Posted by Smerk  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  05:55 AM
I would assume that a funeral director would be the one to write a note in the case of a funeral. They issue (at least in Canada, anyway) the Certificate of Burial, which is often used in lieu of a death certificate. I don't know the legalities of it all, but funeral directors seem to hold a relatively significant position in terms of authority.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  08:33 AM
Could you please excuse my absence today from the kitchen? I just don't feel like going in. Thanks.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  09:13 AM
Alex just wants to keep his mods on their toes. Too much slacking off lately, it seems. 😉

I think his next post is going to be on these two
Posted by Charybdis  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  09:15 AM
I never did get my fake doctor note from Alex. Can I sue?
Posted by Captain Al  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  01:57 PM
Perhaps the funeral excuse note comes from the deceased?

"Please excuse little Billy from school March 20th to 27th, as I was changed into a vampire and was keeping him locked away in my crypt after he nodded off at my graveside service.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Betty Shlumpf, deceased"
Posted by Accipiter  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  04:09 PM
Don't forget to edit the "for entertainment use only" before turning it in to your boss. That could land you in some real trouble. Then again, you may just get in trouble anyway if they find out you're LYING.. I'd just call in and use the old "car trouble" story... and I fixed it myself, of course *wink*.
Posted by Matt Foley  on  Thu May 31, 2007  at  09:08 PM
Dear Sir or Madam could you read my book? It took me years to write, can take a look? If that's not possible, can you give me a note that exempts me from exemptions? Well... ex CUUUUUUUUse me... someone had to say it...
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  02:06 PM
aw, crap... I left out the word: "you" in my above post... I seem to have a way of forgetting "you"... can I get a sick note for that?
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  02:08 PM
I apologize for my two previous posts... I've been abroad for several months, but the clothes never fit right, so I'm back to being male. Ba dum pum. You're welcome
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  02:11 PM
Now what good would it do to post a story about MYEXCUSEDABSENCE.COM without giving equal time to Marks Apology Note Generator:

That site is hilarious, even if only you click on the 'womens version'... Don't remember where it was I got this link from (had it forever), but it's still good. I checked it before I posted it.
Posted by Christopher  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  11:36 PM
Hairy!! I'm so glad you're back!!
Posted by Razela  on  Sat Jun 02, 2007  at  01:57 PM
Dear Evil Alex: can you please give me a note so I can be excused from reality for the next two years or so? I think I may have Morgellon's disease given to me by chemtrails that I saw while observing a chupacabra eat Bigfoot. I'd really appreciate it. BTW, are you gonna eat that pickle? I'll trade you a chinese killer banana for it. Oh, PS: I suggest we run our cars on flatulence. Mine would run perpetually, but the hose would get uncomfortable after awhile. I propose we place a large dome over The White House and collect the bad gasses being expulsed... Tony Snow would produce enough to keep us energy-independant well into 2009. Just a thought. Oh, send me that note by express mail would you? I'm in a bit of a hurry, because reality really, really bites. Thanks ever so much
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wow, this is really weird... I was afraid to use any other term for flatulence than "flatulence", or "bad gasses", just in the interest of decorum, but now I observe a "press the 'FART' button" advertising banner on this thread, so I guess it's okay to lose the decorum. Do they use more decorum in the Forum? Like, "le Phart"? Pardon my French, mon sewer
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when i was a small child, the strange people who called themselves "adults" used to refer to Farts as "Puts", with 2 Ts if you're a snob, as in: "Did you 'put' in your brother's face, or "who 'put-ted' in the pew"? It just kinda didn't work, because when you extrapolate the use of the word "put" into sentences like "Put that here", or "Put that down" or (my favorite) "Put 'er there, pal" it gets dicy. Thanks, and please hurry with that note. Put it in a ziplock bag would you, so it stays fresh. The letter, not the put, okay? Cool
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Hello to you Alex. I, Raoul, The Great Pleaser of Carnal Desires, am very much in need of a note from you, okay? Not the absence note of which you speak, but more so of the sincere regret tinged with piqued passion sort, you know? A note that speaks not to one, but to many, okay, like a big blanket note that many can share, exchanging knowing glances while the cool breeze soothes the throbbing temples note. Like that, but with much flavor and tempo, like a tarentella... Is it the fault of Raoul because he cannot be two places at the once? Well, that is not true... many times I have been busy at one places, but am thinking about the other place, who I will get to eventually, so you see the need for this note, okay? I am sorry, I am the rambler. Raoul has had too many cups from the demitasse set this morning, so there you are! Hah ha ha... Don't get dressed, I am only fooling of you! Rrrraoul
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Quite Interesting !..
Posted by Roselin  on  Wed May 21, 2008  at  07:17 AM
Wow, this is really weird... I was afraid to use any other term for flatulence than "flatulence", or "bad gasses", just in the interest of decorum, but now I observe a "press the 'FART' button" advertising banner on this thread.
Posted by Mark waugh  on  Wed Jun 29, 2011  at  10:47 AM
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