My Biography For Sale on Amazon

I was procrastinating by typing my name in the search box at and seeing if anything would come up besides my book. To my surprise, a biography of myself popped up in the search results. It cost $1.50 and stated that it was 540 words long. I wasn't about to pay for it, but I told my mother about it, and she couldn't resist. So she bought the thing. The 'biography' seems to be a summary of the publicity info about me that the publisher of my first book sent out to the media three years ago. I'm guessing that my mother was probably the first one to ever buy it. But here's the part about it that I like. While they're describing my book they make a mistake. They state that:

In 2002, Boese compiled a book version of The Museum of Hoaxes that includes hundreds of scams, pranks, and deceptions dating as far back as the Middle Ages. In addition to the tricks and forgeries featured on his Web site, recent hoaxes are also described, including the case of nonexistent film critic David Manning, who enthusiastically promoted Sony films, and the recurring report circulated via the Internet that KFC no longer serves meat from chickens, but rather from "genetically engineered organisms."

However, I never mention the KFC Frankenchicken legend anywhere in The Museum of Hoaxes (the book). I purposefully didn't include it because it's an urban legend, not a hoax. In fact, I don't think I mention it anywhere on the site either (though I could be wrong about that... maybe it's hidden away somewhere). So I'm not sure how this piece of information got into my bio. But I like the fact that it's there because it introduces a slightly hoaxy element into the biography, which is appropriate.


Posted on Mon Aug 08, 2005


it just seems bizarre that a biography of someone can exist without that someones knowledge much less consent. I dont know much aboutthe inner workings of the publishing biz but still, seems odd...funny tho 😊
Posted by Chuck  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  07:02 AM
you should put a review on. Who better to review a book about someone then that person? :p
Posted by thunder  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  07:21 AM
Didn't I do that KFC thing...??? Hell, I don't remember...
Posted by X  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  07:22 AM
thunderstruck, thanks for the idea. I just posted a review. Will probably take a day to show up, however.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  08:34 AM
cool, i wish i was interesting enough for someone to write a biography about me. well when i invent the flying car and own the worlds most popular holiday resort in the south of france, maybe someone will.
your review does show up, very good
Posted by thunder  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  08:42 AM
Does the bio happen to mention your weightlifting championships, the stint at Betty Ford, and your torrid affair with Elke Sommer? If not, throw it in. It will make you sound really dark and interesting, and the bio will instantly increase in value from $1.50 to $2, maybe $2.25. Just a thought.
Posted by booch  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  09:24 AM
I hope you are seeing some royalties from that.

Keep hyping it, you'll get it up to this price in no time:
(of course, that is for a full page pdf)
Posted by Splarka  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  03:42 PM
Chuck said:
"it just seems bizarre that a biography of someone can exist without that someones knowledge much less consent."

I'm pretty sure the book-length biography I just read was written & published without the subject's knowledge or consent, since he died in 1978 and the book came out about 4 years later.
Posted by Big Gary C in Dallas  on  Tue Aug 09, 2005  at  04:34 PM
hey, that biographer could have gone the extra mile, hired a medium and contacted the subject in the afterlife..couldnt he have?? :lol:
Posted by Chuck  on  Wed Aug 10, 2005  at  06:53 AM
I believe that was the unauthorized biography. The real thing will be released shortly.
Posted by #1 Fan  on  Fri Aug 12, 2005  at  04:22 PM
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