Mutant Three-Eyed Toad

image James sent in this photo of a "supposedly mutant toad." He writes, "I would like to know whether it is real or not. I have heard stories about chemicals in ponds effecting the tadpoles, and causing deformaties in frogs legs, maybe the same thing has happened to this toad?"

If it is fake, it's a pretty decent photoshop job. It doesn't look like either the right or left eye has simply been cut-and-pasted into the middle. However, memories of the four-eyed kitten make me want to say it's fake.

Update: The original image was found, thanks to Citizen Premier. So the mutant toad is definitely a fake.


Posted on Mon Aug 22, 2005


i think its fake. i have no proper reason but theres my opinion anyway.
Posted by thunder  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  01:15 PM
It's a fake. Parts of the outer eyes have been turned an mirrored to build up the middle eye. But indeed, it's a quite good work. You have to examine it very closely to discover the cloned patterns.
Posted by Peter  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  01:52 PM
I think the biggest clue is that the pupil isn't symmetrical, or even close. Although, it is a mutant and that may be a side effect of the mutant third eye....

I vote fake.
Posted by Silentz  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  02:15 PM
Extra legs in frogs come as a result of a parasitic infection in the leg-bud, not as a result of chemical pollution. I would say any pollution that could cause a frog or toad to grow a third eye would kill it first.
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  02:59 PM
Citizen Premier...I was gonna say that.

It's already been proven that it is, in fact, a parasite that causes all those extra legs. The theory is that the frogs are slowed down by all that malformation and are easier for egrets to catch, which is were the parasite lives part of it's life.
Posted by Gee...  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  03:02 PM
I think it's fake.
A three-eyed toad wouldn't be impossible, but somehow I don't think it would look like that.
However, as I think I mentioned before, the Freakatorium in New York City (a great museum!) has a two-headed turtle named Frick and Frack. I saw it last year, and it was definitely alive and real, and both heads were perfect.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  04:36 PM
The bottom-left part of the middle eye looks a lot like the bottom left part of the left eye. I don't know a lot about toads, but it doesn't look like a place you would fin a repetitive pattern.

Also, the bottom middle of the middle eye looks blurry.

But still, I say if we have to look for that kind of details, it's pretty good Photoshop job!
Posted by Guillaume Choquette  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  04:57 PM
We have (or had-it might have died by now) a two-headed snake in the San Diego Zoo. Two-headedness even occurs sometimes in humans.
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  06:04 PM

Google image search for "toad," fourth page. Whoever did this sure wasn't a pro hoaxer!
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  07:43 PM
On closer inspection, you can still see the crease going from the third eye to skin.
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  07:52 PM
Good find, Citizen. I tried searching for 'mutant toad' and 'three-eyed toad' but not just 'toad.'
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  08:44 PM
Thanks. I just remembered the "lost monkey poster" case, and how someone discovered that the monkey in the picture was one of the first results when you googled "monkey."
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  09:25 PM
w00t, I'm mentioned on the front page! I'm proud 😊
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Mon Aug 22, 2005  at  09:29 PM
...and another eBay auction purchased by Golden Palace goes down the drain.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  01:37 AM
It's real. I've heard about this kind of thing for a while. There's a TV show where a little boy goes up to a pond near a nuclear plant and he sees a three- eyed fish that blinks at him. This has been verifeyed. I think it's real.
Posted by booch  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  09:26 AM
so it's fake...eye coulda toad you that...sorry
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  12:49 PM
Of course, how do we know that the two-eyed toad is the original? It could have been planted by the government!
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  01:32 PM
"w00t, I'm mentioned on the front page!"

Uh, w00t?????
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  04:35 PM
Booch said:
" ... a little boy goes up to a pond near a nuclear plant and he sees a three- eyed fish that blinks at him."

Umm, Booch, next time you hear that a fish blinked, you might want to wonder if somebody's pulling your leg.
Posted by Big Gary, owner of many eyelidless fish  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  04:38 PM
Big Gary said:

"Booch said:
' ... a little boy goes up to a pond near a nuclear plant and he sees a three- eyed fish that blinks at him.'

Umm, Booch, next time you hear that a fish blinked, you might want to wonder if somebody's pulling your leg."

Pop culture reference, buddy. Look it up.
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Tue Aug 23, 2005  at  10:01 PM
Remember the recent Lemony Snicket's movie? There was a three-eyed toad that looked a lot like this, the clip was even in the commericals, so lots of people saw it. Seems like that's where the faker might have gotten the idea. Pop culture, la la, pop culture...

See, if I was going to do something like this, I'd take my own picture of a toad to photoshop, and never upload the original. That way the fake couldn't be disproven by someone finding the original on Google, as so very many of today's fakes are.

So, is that a Cane Toad, also known as a Giant Toad? It looks reeeally big....
Posted by Barghest  on  Wed Aug 24, 2005  at  07:16 PM
Just look up the cane toad on yahoo images, silly!

It's obviously not the cane toad. I don't think it's as big as it looks, I think it's just a high-detail photo (macro). This is just a postulate but I'd say the toad looks distinctly North American. It rather resembles the spadefoot toads I have in my house, although it certainly isn't that species.
Posted by Citizen Premier  on  Wed Aug 24, 2005  at  08:52 PM
Well, now I'm disappointed. I had heard that cane toads were huge, and for some reason, I wanted them to look more like that fatboy there. He seems, I don't know, jolly....
Posted by Barghest  on  Thu Aug 25, 2005  at  02:37 AM
Booch said:
' ... a little boy goes up to a pond near a nuclear plant and he sees a three- eyed fish that blinks at him.'

I think you're referring to The Simpsons, Booch?
Posted by sisscors  on  Sun Aug 20, 2006  at  07:22 AM
impossible ive seen many fakes but with this one its pritty hard to tell but let me tell you there are many 3 eyed frogs out there beacuse i saw one when i was running trew a piuted frog place it was sweet i saw a 3 eyed frog a frog with 2 extra legs it was cool but sad.
Posted by frogs yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  on  Thu May 03, 2007  at  07:28 PM
Obviously fake.

I've seen a lot of animals with extra limbs, horns, and even the occasional head. (I've been working in circuses and side shows almost all my life).

But never ever an extra eye, with no other abnormality.

Freaks are never that pretty.
Posted by CutThroat  on  Mon May 07, 2007  at  06:45 PM
its a farce!
Posted by Granny Wenis  on  Sat Sep 29, 2007  at  03:24 PM
it's real
Posted by roooooooooooooooooar  on  Mon Feb 04, 2008  at  04:20 PM
:roll: There is definately no such thing as a 3 eyed frog, nor a 3 eyed toad. This is a prop. This is a picture of a toad with a mirror in the middle.
Posted by LORI  on  Sat Aug 30, 2008  at  12:15 AM
Ah good ole blinky
Posted by Mr.Sexy  on  Mon Sep 08, 2008  at  02:03 PM
the original image is the three eyed toad everyone knows the so called "ORIGINAL" is the real fake
Posted by stony wayz  on  Tue Feb 17, 2009  at  08:23 PM
i already know about three eyed animals when am studying in 6th standard....that time my lecture gave assignment to the all students...that day i went to my house and i searched so many books... so many concepts i got but am not satisfected that concepts...i got a questuion about the history...the lord shiva having 3 eyes then y cant the animals in nature didnt having?? i asked to my dad? he told "ofcourse".... and i went to search about it.. and that time i got a book that is very very old book... i was seen it is their....i shocked it is 3eyed animal whatever they did graphics but the nature is the truths truth....and it is possible bcoz of genetic changes ....but goood pic it is,,nice
Posted by akil.indian  on  Tue Aug 02, 2011  at  06:17 AM

yupp i think its real....pleae got rough the link
Posted by amarinder singh thind  on  Fri Aug 23, 2013  at  04:21 AM
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