Museum Mail: Hello, this is KBS 2TV quizshow program in South Korea

Hello, this is KBS 2TV (Sunday 08:10) quizshow program in South Korea named ' 퀴즈쇼 사총사'.
We have made a couple of questions about the world's hoaxes and before we use this questions on the real show, we'd like to check whether this information is correct or not. We hope this page 'museum of hoaxes' can help us.

We've made two questions below.

<1> Every November, there is a unique contest named 'Biggest Liar in the World Competition' in England. This competition picks a man who lies best in limited 5 minutes. Except, they keep people who have 'this job' from participating this competition. What is this job?
(1) Lawyer (2) Doctor

<2> In 1962, It has been issue for a while that a Swede engineer in broadcasting company said every people in ordinary home could turn their monochrome television into color television by this way. What's the way that the Swede said?
(1) Paint their TV (2) Cover their TV with a stocking

We want to verify these questions are correct and have any errors.
We are wondering if the 'Museum of hoaxes' could answer our questions.

I checked with a Korean-speaking friend who tells me 퀴즈쇼 사총사' is a well-known quiz show in S. Korea. So I'm flattered they contacted the Museum.

I answered their questions. Would you be able to?


Posted on Fri Aug 09, 2013


The sekond question is actually answered on this site a couple of years ago. It is considered to be among the greatest April Fool hoaxes of all time:
Posted by LarsW  on  Fri Aug 09, 2013  at  11:51 PM
Surely the answer to number 1 is politician
Posted by Sharruma  on  Sat Aug 10, 2013  at  09:08 AM
I forgot to mention that I actually viwed that one. It was a very convincing performance by the Technical Director, no less, at the Swedish Broadcasting Company. (License financed, like the BBC).

My mother put a pantyhose over the screen, and yes! We had colors. Not the actual colors, of course, but a glimmering phenonema.

Then the days date came to mind. We laughed and blushed.
Posted by LarsW  on  Sun Aug 11, 2013  at  04:12 AM
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