The Museum of Hoaxes is Moving!

We're moving to a new server, because our old webhost is shutting down.

And I decided to use this opportunity to also change the URL of the site, from to Why? Just because it's shorter and easier to spell. (Over the years I've seen 'museum' misspelled in just about every bizarre way imaginable.)

Of course, all the old museumofhoaxes URLs will continue to work (fingers crossed). People will just be redirected automatically to the corresponding URL on

I was going to change the URL to, which is available for purchase, but the guy who currently owns it wanted a ridiculously large amount of money for it, which put an end to that plan., by contrast, was quite affordable. Plus, I figure that the museum is legitimately an organization, not a business. So it makes sense for it to have a .org suffix.

The migration process from the old to the new server has already begun — which means that anything posted here from now on has MISSED THE MIGRATION! It'll be deleted when I delete these old server files and hit the "automatic redirect" switch. So don't post any comments or forum posts until the site is live at the new URL, which should be in two or three days (because it takes some time for URLs to get processed through name servers, etc.). Or post them, but realize that they'll soon disappear.

See you all at the new server and new URL.



Posted on Tue Aug 19, 2014


Good luck in your new home! 😊 By the way, I'm a removal man by profession. I'll happily pitch in at the weekend and help carry some words and pictures from one host to another.
Posted by Pete Byrdie  on  Tue Aug 19, 2014  at  11:26 PM
Is this another hoax?
Posted by David Guilford  on  Mon Aug 25, 2014  at  04:53 PM
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