Mother Mary Miracle Shirt

Shortly before Christmas, Florida-resident Tim Symonds discovered that the image of the Virgin Mary had appeared in a tie-dye t-shirt he made. Symonds explained: "I have a basic idea of what the shirts going to look like but I tell every one God does the real art work because where the shirt folds and how the dye runs is up to him and it often makes different images."

According to MySuncoast News, Symonds wasn't sure what he was going to do with the "Mother Mary miracle shirt." However, he said he "might try to sell it."


Posted on Wed Jan 01, 2014


Well, I see a beautiful mermaid bursting out of the waves - you can even make out her tail, distorted by the waves and perspective under the water.
Posted by Cliodna  on  Wed Jan 01, 2014  at  09:46 AM
I see a chestburster from Alien. Does that count as a virgin birth?
Posted by Bill the Splut  on  Wed Jan 01, 2014  at  10:36 AM

Eh... that's REALLY faint, even by standards of pareidolia.

Also, tie-dye isn't nearly as random as folks think. It's pretty easy to get recognizable designs and shapes.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Wed Jan 01, 2014  at  01:13 PM
Looks like a dog's a-hole to me.
Posted by Mr R  on  Thu Jan 02, 2014  at  02:17 AM
I hope you are a veterinarian Mr R.
Posted by InigoMontoya  on  Thu Jan 02, 2014  at  10:24 AM

Posted by Mr R  on  Fri Jan 03, 2014  at  03:17 AM
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