More on the Reverse Sokal Hoax

Regarding the Reverse Sokal Hoax described below: apparently the two brothers supposedly involved in it have denied that it was a hoax (see their statement pasted below). So the mystery continues.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN It was with the greatest astonishment that we have discovered that 2 members of the Ecole Polytechnique and 2 members of the University of Tours were the sources of an incredible rumor meant to validate the idea>that our papers were purposly written in serious journals as a hoax. Such an assertion is so outrageous that it discredits its authors. The published papers are the result of 6 years of intense and original work induced by our 2 PHD thesis in mathematics (1999, for Grichka) and in Theoretical Physics for myself (2002). We have always done our best to bring the highest quality to our work and papers. Thank you for your kind attention, Igor BOGDANOFF, Grichka BOGDANO


Posted on Sun Oct 27, 2002


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