No Monkey

Call this the Cameroon Monkey Scam. The scammers bait victims online with the promise of a budget-priced monkey. Only $50. So you send in your money. But then, oh, by the way, you also need to pay for a cage, as well as a monkey license, and shots. By the time it's all over you've spent hundreds of dollars. A Battle Creek, Michigan woman fell for the scam. Finally she went to the police who told her, sorry, you've lost your money and you're not getting a monkey. [wzzm13]


Posted on Wed Aug 21, 2013


I grew up in Battle Creek, but haven't lived there in over 20 years. I was wondering if I might know this woman, but saw she was 25, meaning she was born the year I graduated high school. Not likely I know her.
Posted by Tah  on  Thu Aug 22, 2013  at  07:51 PM
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