Michael Jackson’s Nose, the legend continues

A rumor is circulating alleging that a) Michael Jackson wore a prosthetic nose, and b) someone has stolen that nose from the Los Angeles morgue.

The rumor about Jackson wearing a prosthetic nose dates back to at least 2002, when Jackson appeared in Santa Maria Superior Court wearing a large bandage on his nose. But this latest addition to the rumor means that Michael Jackson's nose joins that select group of human body parts that acquire a life in legend following the death of the person to which they were originally attached. It's almost inevitable that years from now something alleged to be Jackson's prosthetic nose will show up at auction.

Other body parts in this select club include Rasputin's Penis, the foreskin of Jesus, the head of Oliver Cromwell, Geronimo's skull, Napoleon's penis, and John Dillinger's penis.

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Posted on Mon Jul 27, 2009


Am I seeing a theme here? penis, foreskin,..,penis, penis :wow:

Are we sure MJ's wiggly (as we call it here) wasn't also prosthetic?
Posted by Joel B1  on  Mon Jul 27, 2009  at  11:41 PM
Didn't Nelson Rockefeller once get photo-ed giving someone in the crowd the finger? Don't forget J.Paul Getty junior's finger, Van Gogh's ear, and Kennedy's brain... I'm also pretty sure that most of George W. Bush's brain was also detached and missing, come to think of it. I once lost my ass in a poker game, but that's another story altogether. You're welcome
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Jul 28, 2009  at  10:36 AM
When I first saw the picture on this page, I thought that it was of some sort of really hideous Noh mask that was falling apart. So maybe we'll start hearing about his whole face having been taken off and stored somewhere.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Wed Jul 29, 2009  at  10:11 PM
The Daily Mirror is reporting the prosthetic-nose rumour as true. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/07/25/jacko-s-nose-is-missing-115875-21546242/
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Sun Aug 02, 2009  at  04:26 PM
I think it's fair to add the 6 fingered hand of Anne Boleyn to the body parts list.
Posted by WSL  on  Tue Aug 04, 2009  at  04:18 PM
goes through all that 2 steel a nose ????
Posted by rakeback  on  Mon Sep 14, 2009  at  03:58 PM
I don't think Michael Jackson had a prosthetic nose when he died. A prosthetic nose would probably look more normal and not like the obviously surgically altered one he had at the end of his life.
Posted by Lena Synnerholm  on  Sun May 19, 2013  at  07:58 AM
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