Map of Bigfoot Sightings

Josh Stevens, a grad student at Pennsylvania State University, took 92 years of bigfoot sighting data, gathered by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and put it on a map. That's 3313 sightings in all.

It's an interesting visual, but even he's not sure what the map tells us, except that Bigfoot seems to be "thriving out west."

It reminds me of a similar map that showed the "distribution of drop bears in Australia" that appeared in a Dec 2012 article in Australian Geographer.

Is there a map of Elvis sightings? There is an Elvis Sighting Society, but no map that I'm aware of. Though in a post back in 2006 I noted that "LaMa has been lobbying for quite some time to add an Elvis Sighting Report Page, interfaced with a Google earth map, to the Museum of Hoaxes." We need to get on that project before Elvis gets too old and stops being seen. He's 78 this year!


Posted on Fri Sep 20, 2013


All those sightings and not a single one confirmed. Also no corpses or bones or unknown DNA. What can we conclude from the facts?
Posted by Captain Al  on  Sat Sep 21, 2013  at  04:37 PM
From the facts, we can conclude this: <>.
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Sun Sep 29, 2013  at  04:09 AM
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