Love Spud

Status: Real
image A rare heart-shaped potato has been found by Linda Greene of Moon Township, Pa. She found it in a sack of potatoes back in February and emailed the Idaho Potato Commission about it in March. For some reason it's only making headlines now. What makes the discovery of the potato strange is that irregularly shaped potatoes are supposed to be removed during the sorting process and used for french fries. The potato commission president said: "I would guarantee someone saw it and thought, 'This is cool, we'll let this go through.'... Typically, unique shapes will go into processing _ dehydrated or cut up into french fries." To those who suggest the love spud is a plant (pun intended), being used by the commission to drum up publicity, the commission president says, "We didn't plant it. We'll have to start sorting for heart-shaped potatoes." (Thanks to Big Gary for the story)


Posted on Sun May 14, 2006


I hate to rain on the parade, but heart shaped potatoes aren't rare. I picked up a sack of discounted spuds at my local supermarket last month, and there were 3 or 4 in the 10 lb. bag that were heart shaped. Others looked like the letter "L", and others were just huge to slightly strange looking. I'm guessing they were discounted because of their odd shapes / large sizes. The ones that go for full price are more uniform in size and shape.
I don't dispute that the picture is real, it just must be a slow "hoax news" day. Hmmmm.
Posted by Steve  on  Sun May 14, 2006  at  10:58 PM
Yeah, I've had a heart shaped one. Really hard to peel.
Posted by AussieBruce  on  Mon May 15, 2006  at  06:44 AM
I recently acquired a heart-shaped potato as well, which is how I came upon this strange tale on the web. Mine adorns a place of reverence on my kitchen counter. Could it be some sort of message that all of us who find these unusual vegetables are meant to come together, sort of like the contactees in Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Maybe there are heart-shaped E.T.s waiting to welcome us into the fold.

Or not! Actually I'm thinking that the thing to do might be to see if I can get it to sprout and grow.
Posted by Mike Donohoe  on  Mon Dec 25, 2006  at  11:07 AM
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