Lost Pet Scam

Occasionally you see news stories like this one about lost cats who are found hundreds of miles from home, having got themselves locked into moving vans by accident. But watch out. If you lose your cat, then later get a call from movers who say they've found your pet in their van, it can be a scam. As the Crimes-of-Persuasion site details, it's known as the Catastrophic Lost Pet Scam. Those movers don't really have your pet. They're just con artists trying to get you to wire them 'gas money' supposedly to help them return your precious baby to its home. But in reality, Snuggles ain't coming home. At least, not with them. Once they get your money, you'll never hear from them again. (via alt.folklore.urban)

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Posted on Wed Oct 20, 2004


How do the con-guys know your pet is missing? How do they know your cat won't actually turn up somewhere. If you do move & lose the family pet, & then 'movers' call to say they have it, couldn't you just sue the moving company? This doesn't really seem like it would work.
Posted by Maegan  on  Wed Oct 20, 2004  at  07:56 AM
Nevermind. I should have read the whole article before I said, "How do I know the con-guys know your pet is missing?" Anywho, that still seems like one of those e-mails you get that tells you to forward it to all of your pet-loving friends so they can be safe. This doesn't seem like something that's 'foolproof'. Your cat could return home, a shelter may find it while you're in negotiations. I think the story on the Crimes of persuasions site is a hoax.
Posted by Maegan  on  Wed Oct 20, 2004  at  08:09 AM
If I lost my cat (knock on wood), and some movers called me up and said that they had found her in their truck and wanted me to wire them money to help me return her, I'd be suspicious. I'd be willing to arrange for a shipping company to pick her up, and then pay the guys who had found her a reward once she was safely back home... but I'd never wire money to complete strangers.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Oct 20, 2004  at  12:12 PM
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