Have you lost a jackalope?

Police in Edmonton recently launched a pinterest page on which they display "unique" lost and stolen items they've acquired. If anyone recognizes an item as their former possession, and can provide "specific details" that identify it, they'll be reunited with it.

One of the items is the mounted head of a jackalope.

I wonder what kind of specific details they need to identify this? I could say that it enjoys whiskey and is sometimes called the "warrior rabbit." But I don't think that's what they're looking for.

Folklore/Tall Tales

Posted on Tue Dec 17, 2013


DON'T say it probably smells strongly of marijuana smoke.
Posted by Brian  on  Tue Dec 17, 2013  at  07:34 AM
I wish it were mine. It's a fine specimen. I'd love a jackalope.
Posted by Pete Byrdie  on  Tue Dec 17, 2013  at  10:59 AM
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