Losing Big

Before the Superbowl, a rumor began to circulate alleging that boxer Floyd Mayweather, who's known to be a big gambler, had bet $10 million on the Broncos winning. If true, he would obviously have been a very unhappy man during and after the game, as the Broncos got a shellacking.

The rumor was reported by the Denver Post on Jan. 29, citing "multiple reports coming out of Las Vegas." The Post noted that the bet had not been confirmed by Mayweather himself, but seemed to feel the rumor might be true because, "it is well known that he likes to makes high-stakes wagers."

But after the game, Mayweather posted a denial on Instagram, insisting he hadn't bet on the game at all, but that he would have bet on Seattle if he had bet. I guess we'll have to take his word for it.
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Posted on Tue Feb 04, 2014


There IS however, a furniture store owner who bet that if the Seahawks won, he would refund all customers who had spent over $5,000 in 2014. He's out 7 million dollars, but has hopes that the publicity and goodwill will pay back dividends on that...
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Wed Feb 05, 2014  at  03:01 AM
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