Little Green Pill Hoax

It must have seemed like a good idea to someone at Greenpeace to leave mysterious green pills labeled "nuclear radiation pills" on the doorsteps of various Toronto homes. The homeowners panicked and called the police. The pills were actually seaweed tablets. Greenpeace had been hoping to raise awareness of a nuclear power plant being built in the area. []

Hate Crimes/Terror

Posted on Thu Apr 09, 2009



Posted by GoJo  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  04:34 PM
Wow. That is a really bad joke.
Posted by Mike  on  Wed Apr 22, 2009  at  02:11 PM
Seaweed pills are radiation pills. They contain iodine, and taking iodine tablets prevents the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine which might be released in a reactor accident, as it was in Chernobyl. Of course, that's the only kind of radiation they protect against.
Posted by JKL  on  Tue May 05, 2009  at  10:22 AM
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