Links for Oct 20, 2014: Banksy arrest, etc.

  • Banksy has not been arrested, nor has his identity been revealed []
  • "Rapper Claims He Signed To Def Jam Records, Posts Hilariously Fake Contract on Instagram" []
  • Australia’s greatest hoaxes: the pranks the tricked a nation [Herald Sun]
  • Another food contamination hoax? Man claims to find mouse in his McDonalds coffee. []
  • 20-year-old Spanish conman Francisco Nicolás Gomez Iglesias "without any official position in public life managed to hobnob with leading politicians and business figures, even attempting to negotiate in legal matters on behalf of Spain’s former King Juan Carlos." []
  • The Irish Water authority has been criticized for installing a water meter at an abandoned "fake" house. [Irish Examiner]
  • "5 Vintage Urban Legends And Myths That Still Creep Us Out" [Huff Post]
  • Kindergarten student left in tears after a birthmark on her neck was photoshopped out of her school pictures without permission. [Barrier Daily Truth]
  • Everyone in what looks like a group photo on Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s campaign website is photoshopped [Buzzfeed]

Posted on Mon Oct 20, 2014


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