Gross Prank

The Anchorage Press reports on a prank whose grossness lies not in what is said, but rather in what isn't. Read it for yourself:

Troopers were called to Showboat II, a club also known as “Showgirls,” where “a female employee had spiked another female employee's drink with a laxative” according to troopers. No further details were given, and the investigation continues.
Thinking about this too much might just give me nightmares tonight.

Gross Pranks

Posted on Sat Sep 04, 2004


I notice that, although the story appeared in an Anchorage paper, the incident happened in Fairbanks. This caught my eye because I was in Fairbanks this summer and I saw the outside of this strip club (it's next to the famous Alaska Wooden Bowl Company, where tourists like me go to watch bowls being carved out of birch tree trunks). What's notable about the place is that it has three different huge signs and each sign has a completely different name for the establishment. In addition to "Showboat II" and "Showgirls," it also apparently is or has been named "The Lonely Lady," or maybe it's "Lonely Ladies," I don't remember exactly.
My brother, who lives in Fairbanks, told me that the place is known locally for trafficking in desperate Russian teenagers who are made to work off "debts" by stripping and doing such other tasks as you can no doubt imagine. The other notable feature of Showboat II/Showgirls/Lonely Lady, I was told, is that it has a special section for patrons who can't come into the main lounge because they are below legal drinking age. Hmm, too young to buy beer but old enough to buy lap dances?
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Sat Sep 04, 2004  at  06:50 PM
I think for understated gross-out, the best one still has to be the discussion about what happened to the second drummer in This Is Spinal Tap. After explaining that he died in a horrible accident choking on his own vomit, the other guitarist explains, "Actually, it was someone else's vomit..."
Posted by Matt  on  Tue Sep 07, 2004  at  09:30 AM
Explkanation of the name I do not know where show girls comes from but showboat II is the name of the club and Lonley Lady is the name of the grill inside, "lonley ladeys bar and grill"
Posted by Thomas  on  Thu Aug 18, 2005  at  08:03 PM
Big Gary in Dallas:
The Lonely Lady was the original name of the club in Fairbanks. You are wrong about the club. I worked for the late Sam Jeffcoat (club owner) for many years. The club in the early 80's and 90's was as classy as a topless gentalmens club could be. As a dancer and later talent sercher for the club I can assure you that the women who worked there were class acts. Just as the many sports teams that were regular customers in the club.Most of the women came from the lower 48. and were paid a very high wage and commitssion. All of thier living and travel exp were paid by the club. prostitution nor drugs were tolerated at this club! gets your facts stright before you talk about something you know nothing about.
Posted by arlen  on  Mon Nov 19, 2007  at  08:29 AM
I attended the Lonely Lady club back in 84. It was a great topless only club.
Posted by Stephen  on  Mon Aug 04, 2008  at  04:35 PM
I, too, worked for Sam Jeffcoat at the Lonely Lady from 1982-84 as a bartender and DJ. Worked along with bartenders Bobby S., Kathey, and Terry. Bouncers Jimbo n Rick, Kelly the DJ, and George the manager (for a while). RIP Sam.
Great times, great money, and great girls!
Posted by Tom the Bartender  on  Mon May 11, 2009  at  11:39 PM
"the place is known locally for trafficking in desperate Russian teenagers who are made to work off "debts" by stripping and doing such other tasks as you can no doubt imagine."

As far as I can tell, this is a fairly-accurate statement re: SHOWGIRLS club/BIG TIMBER motel in Anchorage. The comments made re: 'the early 80s-90s' version of the club could use some updating, since it is 2009 as I type this- basically some 20-30 years later. Time changes all things.

A good friend of mine stayed there very recently, and I can assure anyone reading this that the place is a dump. Basically a whorehouse that pretends to be alcohol-free so they can hire 19 year-old girls to service their customers.
Posted by TARL in AK  on  Sat Jul 11, 2009  at  01:06 AM
Does anybody remember a manager named Mike? Sort of a big Italian.
Posted by Smokey  on  Thu Jan 14, 2010  at  11:14 PM
Did the Lonely Lady go by another name prior to that?
Posted by Dave  on  Fri Jan 29, 2010  at  04:36 PM
Smokey, do you remember the red fox fur bikini? Did you stay with a friend at Wedgewood apartments for a bit in 1982 or early 83? Are you talking about mike zamora?
Posted by Theresa  on  Sun May 23, 2010  at  09:13 PM
Yeah, I think that was Mike's last name. He was a little niave, but nice.
Posted by Smokey  on  Thu Sep 23, 2010  at  04:41 PM
Does anyone remember Peter the best manager ever back in 2000! How about Wilson one of the DJ's in maybe 2000-2003? Or Tim who later managed after Peter? Is Terry still alive? How about Jake the Snake? To bad if it's true how the place has turned out. When I worked there it was absolutely a class act and most of all a family who stuck together. Some of the best times of my life. Here's a cheers to old times and the old Showboat.
Posted by Autumn  on  Thu Feb 24, 2011  at  03:10 PM
Smokey, do you ever check this site? Please send a message. I want to get in touch with you.
Posted by Theresa Kennedy  on  Sat Jan 12, 2013  at  12:19 AM
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