Lawyer who lied about her age

Soma Sengupta has recently been convicted of lying extensively about her past work experience in order to advance her legal career. She claimed that she had previously been an accomplished trial lawyer, although she hadn't been. She also forged reference letters and school transcripts. But what tripped her up was a much simpler lie. She stated on an application that she was 29, but a clerk who was reviewing the form took one look at her and couldn't believe it. Turned out she was actually in her late 40s, and let's just say that she hasn't aged particularly well. (She's now 52.) Once that lie was exposed, all the others were soon found out.

Lies to Win British Post Earn Conviction in New York
New York Times

"One could not help but be struck by the sheer magnitude and the intensity and breadth of the defendant's lies and schemes and deceitful behavior," Justice Farber said.
Ms. Sengupta, 52, who now lives in New Jersey, was convicted of eight felony forgery and false instrument counts and one misdemeanor conspiracy charge. The most serious count carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years. Justice Farber scheduled her sentencing for March 22.


Posted on Mon Feb 18, 2013


The only other person I know who was so outrageously 'young' was Jack Benny you ALWAYS purported to be 39...year after year after year. That was a trademark though:

Trade Mark

Billed himself as "the Original 'Old Blue Eyes'"

His inept violin playing

Theme song: "Love in Bloom"

Image as penny-pincher

Never admitted to being older than 39

Master of the "Slow-Burn"


Interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, California, USA.

A middle school in his hometown of Waukegan, Illinois, was named after him. The school football team is the "39ers," (in honor of his insistence that he is 39 years old every year).
Posted by hulitoons  on  Mon Feb 18, 2013  at  10:37 AM
There was also Dick Clark, Huli.

But yeah... That's the way it is with lies.. it's the small ones that unravel the rest.

"Always tell the truth; then you don't have to remember anything. " - Mark Twain
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Mon Feb 18, 2013  at  11:50 AM
A lying lawyer! What is the world coming to?
Posted by Tobester  on  Tue Feb 19, 2013  at  11:23 AM
I realized it's not ALWAYS legal to lie but had no idea one could be charged with 8 FELONIES for waving around bogus school transcripts & reference letters (as opposed to altering official records).
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Tue Feb 19, 2013  at  06:58 PM
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