Lamppost Windmills

I haven't seen anything on English-language sites about this, but according to (with a little help from Google translate), a site calling itself "Green Light District" appeared online several months ago.

It claimed that the municipality of Haarlemmermeer in North Holland was going to put small green windmills on top of 30,000 lampposts in order to generate power for the lights, thereby creating a "green light district". Any excess power would be routed to the electrical grid.

But it turns out that Haarlemmermeer didn't actually have any plans to put up these lamppost windmills. The site was a publicity stunt designed to promote the "Greenest Idea of 2013" campaign.

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Posted on Thu Oct 10, 2013


I hadn't seen anything of it over here in the Netherlands, either. It appears to be a strictly local campaign.
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Tue Oct 15, 2013  at  07:22 AM
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