Extreme Kidnapping

If you're searching for unusual thrills, why not try getting kidnapped? Extreme Kidnapping promises that it will allow you to "customize your own kidnapping!" Yup. For the right price, women in fishnet stockings will show up unannounced at your door, whisk you away, and keep you bound and gagged in their basement for a few days. As weird as this sounds, I actually think it's real, mainly because I've heard of this before. Back in 2002 a guy called Brock Enright was in the news for staging 'Designer Kidnappings'. Enright commented that even though all his abductions occurred in broad daylight, in front of witnesses, no one had ever intervened to help the faux victim. Everyone figured the abductions were fake because of the guy with a tv camera filming them (the faux victims like to have a video of their faux abduction). Which demonstrates the way to pull off a perfect crime in our society: just bring along a camera and no one will call the cops because they'll think you're filming a tv show.

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Posted on Wed Oct 20, 2004


Back when I was in high school we use to kidnap our friends and take them places just to have fun and hang out. The best was when we did it at 6am one morning when school was starting late. We planned it with everyone's parents so when we got to their house the door was unlocked. We would sneak into their rooms and wake them up. We let them put on shoes, get money and pack their school stuff, and then we tied them up and blindfolded them and put them in a van. In the end we just brought everyone to IHOP for a morning breakfast before school started.

When we did the same thing in the evenings it was great because we didn't let them get anything. We just burst into their house, blindfolded them, put them in the car, drove around a bit to confuse them, then would go to someone's house to watch a movie or something.
Posted by Razela  on  Wed Oct 20, 2004  at  03:57 AM
I seem to recall a plotline on CSI being based on this, except (of course) it went horribly, horribly wrong.
Posted by mystic kitten  on  Wed Oct 20, 2004  at  01:16 PM
Sort of like Jawbreaker.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Oct 21, 2004  at  01:05 PM
It is real. A story in the Metro Times about three years ago inverviewed the people behind this business. They take you into their "secret location" and, if I remember, "tickle-torture" you (nothing sexual).

I don't have the exact link to this, but you may get some results at http://www.metrotimes.com.
Posted by Joe  on  Wed Oct 27, 2004  at  01:00 AM
I need to tell some of the guys in my english class about this, so these women will take them in broad daylight out of class. It would be too funny for words, espesially a mass kidnapping.
Posted by Dracul  on  Sun Jan 15, 2006  at  01:06 PM
wow...i know my bros would like the elite all girls team...

i wonder if they could kidnapp billie joe armstrong?....

hehe...that would be sweet
Posted by Eva  on  Mon Feb 13, 2006  at  03:26 PM
i want to be kidnapped
Posted by Freddie  on  Thu Apr 24, 2008  at  05:16 PM
This sounds cool. I've always wanted to be captured and kept bound and gagged for hours on end. Do they have a UK based Extreme Kidnapping branch? Thats where I live...
Posted by Terry  on  Thu Jun 19, 2008  at  02:12 PM
Well well - someone seeking KIDNAPPERS in England .... I am THE person who will make that fantasy a reality - visit my web site for the experiences others have lived and then contacy me asap to start your journey.

Mistress Beth
Posted by Mistress Beth  on  Fri Jul 31, 2009  at  04:51 PM
It is stated that Mr. Zubair Alam S/O Muhammad ALAM, Resident OF Islamadab , House No 133 , Street No 71,
Sectore G 9/3 has been Kidnapped From the front of his house in evening time on 15/10/2010.

Now the Kidnapper is Calling to his father for Ransom from his own mobile no 0305-9667005 <(registered in the name of Daood Jan S/O Abdul rasheed of Kaniwar Sherpao Distt Charsadda)>
and telling mohammad alam that send money to dawood the kidnapper and get your son freed.

He is so bold that he has done this in the capital and secure area of pakistan and calling from his own mobile and telling that give money to me.

please bring the law enforcement agencies in action to take action against him.
Posted by mohd alam  on  Wed Oct 20, 2010  at  01:05 PM
The company you have here does exist. Fact is, I operate a similar business here in South Florida. There are measures put in place to protect all parties involved, and kidnappings are only performed on willing participants. A window of time is established so they know it will be coming, they are just unaware of when or how. The entire event is videotaped so they have a reminder of the event. We have both male and female "thugs" to suit the person's desire, short of that and staying within the participants limiys, the rest is up to us!
Posted by Eric Gilmour  on  Thu Oct 21, 2010  at  06:06 AM
Hmmm...designer kidnappings you say. I wonder what you could come up with? Being kidnapped by Winnie the pooh, jack Bauer, members of that band you listened to in the late eighties, or something. That would be so awesome:D
Posted by Unknown  on  Tue May 10, 2011  at  04:03 PM
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