This Day in the History of Hoaxes: July 28

July 28, 1932: The Latin-Chanting Ghost of Joliet
As word spread of a ghost that chanted songs in Latin at midnight in the graveyard of the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet, crowds of hundreds of people (pictured) started gathering to hear the phantom crooner. Each night the voice was said to emanate from a different grave. But on this day in 1932, prison officials finally located the source of the singing. It was an inmate, William Chrysler, who had night-watch duty at the prison's quarry pumphouse behind the cemetery. His voice carried into the graveyard and seemed to "haunt" it. He was actually singing in Lithuanian, not Latin.

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Posted on Mon Jul 28, 2014


Pity he wasn't called Jake.
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Tue Jul 29, 2014  at  04:37 AM
The funniest thing of all is about Lithunian rather than Latin 😊 It gives the story some real flavour.
Posted by Russian Skeptic  on  Wed Jul 30, 2014  at  01:12 AM
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