This Day in the History of Hoaxes: July 21

July 21, 1959: Jacqueline Gay Hart Disappears
Hart, a 21-year-old heiress, disappeared from Newark airport and was the subject of a nationwide search for two days until she turned up in Chicago's Grant Park, claiming she had been abducted by two men who drove her, bound and gagged, to Chicago. But within a day she admitted her story was false, explaining that she had "sort of exploded" because of tension over her approaching wedding and had fled, wandering around New York and Chicago for two days before deciding to return.

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Posted on Mon Jul 21, 2014


Turns out that she's still around, and has had four children over the years, among other accomplishments:
Posted by John Lewis  on  Sun Jul 27, 2014  at  11:48 PM
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