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A visitor named Heinz Klostermann sent me quite a bit of info about Joseph Papp, a Hungarian-born inventor who first claimed that he had built a submarine capable of traveling at 300 mph, and later claimed to have built a car engine that could run for six months without refueling. Heinz sent an article about Papp that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News in 1989, as well as an article apparently written by the physicist Richard Feynman describing a demonstration of Papp's engine. It turns out that Heinz has been working for the past three years to reinvent Papp's engine (the secret of how to build it died with Papp). If you have any info about Papp he'd like you to contact him at: [email protected]. Also check out the comments I've received over the years about Papp and his submarine.

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Posted on Sun Jun 22, 2003


I have to sit here and laugh at the doubters.

My Brother, Robert Rohner, worked alongside and with papp to develop and actually manufactures the current test version, used by anyone seriously pursueing the fuel.

My Brother, Tom Rohner, built the Papp designed control hardware and later redesigned it to a more modern state. FYI it ran off the Battery Voltage only NO WALL PLUG was needed, as some who have never seen one work seem to think.

This engine and control package, was run many times while PAPP was alive and supplying gas. A Video that actually shows my brothers, Papp and a Tech running this engine is in our possesion.

Papp and Saboni hated each other and these events happened after Saboni tried to steal the technology from Papp, as I hear it.
Bob was also privy to the making of the gas and the process and proceedure and mechanism.

The Physics behind this engine are simple and straight forward. Unfortunately people keep "investing" in "Professors" who long ago set their minds as to what CAN and CAN NOT occur.

The engine was run and it ran on it's own Generator and battery without a single wire to any outside energy force. It did not intake nor exhaust any air or other fluids. On a Dyno the two cylinders produced a Brake HP of 300, flat from 60 thru 3000 RPM.

For some reason Biofuel, "foof4fuel" and expensive hydrogen seem to be getting Billions and this none. A sorry state.
Posted by John Rohner  on  Sun Oct 29, 2006  at  10:45 AM
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